Biggest Loser January 15, 2015 Results Who got voted off 1/15/15

The episode continues tonight on the Biggest Loser Glory Days. We were left hanging on who went home. But tonight, for sure, we’ll find out who!

Last week, Scott’s weight wasn’t reveled so we didn’t get to find out if he or Woody was eliminated. Bob Harper returns to the ranch with the one who returns. Who do you think will be the comeback contestant?

The finale is almost near so don’t forget to miss an episode!

Results will be provided on this blog as well. Follow this blog on Twitter, or like on Facebook for tonight’s results. The contestant who gets to comeback will be posted as well as the one who got eliminated Biggest Loser’s 1/15/15 episode.

Update: Scott got eliminated.

Bob goes back with Woody.

Scott got eliminated. From his starting weight of 366 lbs, his weight is now 240 lbs.


CHALLENGE – Row 2000 meters and shoot medicine basketballs of different weights up to 10 lbs.

WINNER – Toma – he gets a 1 lb advantage.



Toma – 202 lbs (-14, -1, 6.94%)

Lori – 220 lbs (-6, 2.65%)

Sonya – 169 lbs (-6, 3.43%)

Rob – 315 lbs (-15, 4.55%)

Woody – 274 lbs (011, 3.86%)


Lori falls below the red line.

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