Biggest Loser January 17, 2012 Results Who got voted off 1/17/12

It’s the third week in the Biggest Loser and tonight, January 17, 2012, expect some surprises as well as shocking news as someone makes a decision which stuns everyone. What decision will this player have which will impact the game, particularly the elimination? Which of the remaining 16 contestants will get eliminated next?

Tonight’s episode includes video chats from home, Chinese buffet temptation and gym face-offs. The show starts with a Chinese buffet temptation giving the winner complete control of how contestants will be matched up for the next challenge, which is a face-off in the gym. Also, the winner will give their team a two-pound advantage which they can use or give away. Which player do you think will win the buffet challenge? Who will this player pair for the gym challenge? Will the two-pound advantage be used or not?

Meanwhile, the next challenge with the most coveted prize of video chats from home will be a wild water-transfer challenge. Trainers Bob Harper and Dolvett Quince will coach the contestants and the most important part of the show is a shocking decision made by one of the contestants leaving everyone stunned. The decision is to quit but the question is, who will quit? Could it be Joe since his brother was gone last week? What do you think?

What will happen at the weigh-in? Who will fall below the yellow line?

Anyway, follow us on Twitter if you haven’t done yet for the updates on the show. The contestant who quit, the challenge winners and the one who was eliminated on Biggest Loser 1/17/12 results will be provided, as always.

Update: Joe quits, saying 2 weeks is enough for him.
Lauren was eliminated, getting 4 votes.

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