Biggest Loser January 21, 2013 Results Who got voted off 1/21/13

It’s Biggest Loser Challenge America episode 4 tonight and this week is about paying it forward. The three trainers Bob, Jillian and Dolvett will be visiting the contestants’ homes, not the adults but the kids’ homes. They will be visiting Bingo, Lindsay and Sunny’s hometowns and their families. What would be the outcome of the home visits?

Last week was all about cutting on junk food in which the punishment for the losing team was spending four and half hours a day inside a room filled with junk food, soda and video games. Is it a punishment or a reward you think?

Anyway, the losing team was the blue team while for the next challenge the red team won. However, even if they won the challenge, they lost the weigh-in and the one who was voted off was Cate.

For tonight’s episode, some of the players will struggle without their trainer, since their trainers are out to visit the kids’ hometowns. Some will rise to the occasion though and an unexpected leader will emerge. Who will struggle and who will be a leader?

Contestants will run a 5K and the money will be donated to a local Boys and Girls Club. The winning team will earn $15,000 which will be split among themselves. Which team will win the challenge?

Meanwhile, Jillian will have a run-in with a player on another trainer’s team. Then during the weigh-in, one player will receive a welcome news. Which player is it?

Of course, one of the player will be leaving tonight. Who will fall below the yellow line and be in danger of going home?

As always updates will be provided. Follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or like us on Facebook while waiting for it. Who got voted off Biggest Loser 1/21/13? Results will be here.

Update: Pam has been voted off. Her starting weight was 237 lbs and she now weighs 182 lbs.

Team challenge – run a 5k. Winning team gets $15,000. Second place gets $5,000 and third place gets $2,500.

White team wins, followed by the red team and blue team was last.



1st -Danni
2nd – Joe
3rd – Pam
4th -Francelina
5th – Lisa
6th – Jackson
7th – Gina
8th – Jeff
9th – Michael
10th – Alex




Michael – 384 lbs(-12, 3.03%)
David – 263 lbs(-9, 3.31%)
Alex – 217 lbs(-4, 1.81%)
Gina – 206 lbs(-9, 4.19%)
Jeff – 342 lbs(-6, 1.72%)
TOTAL – 1412 lbs(-40, 2.75%)



Joe – 310 lbs (-7, 2.21%)
Francelina – 231 lbs (-6, 2.53%)
Lisa – 214 lbs (-9, 4.04%)
Jackson – 288 lbs (-12, 4.00%)
TOTAL – 1043 lbs (-34, 3.16%)



Danni – 222 lbs (-6, 2.63%)
Pam – 207 lbs (-3, 1.43%)
TOTAL – 429 lbs (-9, 2.05%)


Losing team – White Team. Pam has been eliminated.

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