Biggest Loser January 22, 2015 Results Who got voted off 1/22/15

It’s the second to the last episode of the Biggest Loser Glory Days tonight! There are four remaining candidates left – Rob, Sonya, Toma and Woody. Who will be ending their journey and who will be at the finale next wee?

The contestants will be returning to Los Angeles Coliseum where their journey started. The challenge will be for them to put all of their lost weight back on and drop it incrementally at 16 stops like they did each week, running up and down the steps of the Coliseum.

The challenge winner will get a weigh-in advantage plus a cash prize.

Jenna Wolfe is tonight’s guest trainer plus past season contestant Ruben Studdard also appears in a Challenge America segment.

Who will take the spot in the final three? Follow this blog on Twitter, or like on Facebook for the results. Who will get eliminated on Biggest Loser’s 1/22/15 episode?

Update: Woody got eliminated.

CHALLENGE – players must wear body weights which represents their starting weight in the competition then as they go through climbing up and down the coliseum steps, they get to lose it again.


Rob – 302 lbs, -13, -4.13%

Sonya – 163 lbs, -6, -3.55%

Toma – 199 lbs, -3, -1.49%

Woody – 270lbs, -4, – 1.46%




– Sonya

– Toma

– Rob


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