Biggest Loser January 28, 2013 Results Who got voted off 1/28/13

There are ten players left on tonight’s the Biggest Loser Challenge America. It’s only the fifth episode but there’s only one remaining player under the White Team, which is Jillian Michael’s team. Will she be left without a team to train after tonight’s elimination?

Last week, there were two remaining players left in Jillian’s team, but since they got the lowest percentage of weight loss, either Pam or Danni has to go. But since Pam got the lowest percentage of weight loss, she was automatically eliminated.

Tonight, contestants will learn how to make healthy choices on a limited budget. Titled “Waist & Money”, the ten remaining players will be returning from a workout surprised after finding out that the kitchen and ref are empty. Their task will be to fill it up with a week’s worth of affordable healthy food. They must race against time to make healthy purchases within their budget at a grocery. What healthy purchases will they make?

Meanwhile, the challenge for tonight will be a swimming challenge which will put the players to test as they compete for one of the the most coveted prizes of all. Who will win this challenge?

One contestant will be struggling in trying her best despite weight loss setbacks and Dr. H and one of the trainers will help one of the players realize the importance of addressing the emotional issues associated with weight gain, Who among the contestants do you think will struggle?

At the weigh-in, one of the players will be going home. Who do you think will it be?

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Update: Lisa has been eliminated. Her starting weight was 246 lbs. She now weights 170 lbs.

Eating on a budget – chef Devin Alexander shows the players how to make tasty and healthy meals without spending too much. Nice idea – eat sweet potatoes instead of regular potatoes. Also, use Greek yogurt than sour cream.

Team challenge – get 10 five pound coins each into their fountains in the center of the pond. David didn’t participate since he’s not medically cleared.

Winning team – White team or rather, Danni. Price is 10 Planet Fitness memberships plus a choice between a 2 lb advantage or a chance to call home. She chose the 2 lb advantage.




Joe – 299 lbs (-11, 3.55%)
Francelina – 224 lbs (-7, 3.03%)
Jackson – 280 lbs (-8, 2.78%)
Lisa – 209 lbs (-5, 2.34%)
TOTAL – 1012 lbs (-31, 2.97%)



Gina – 197 lbs (-9, 4.37%)
Michael – 371 lbs (-13, 3.39%)
Jeff – 329 lbs (-13, 3.80%)
David – 253 lbs (-10, 3.80%)
Alex – 207 lbs (-10, 4.61%)
TOTAL – 1357 pounds (-55, 3.90%)



Danni – 213 lbs (-9, -2, 4.95%)


Jackson – Lisa
Lisa – Jackson
Francelina – Lisa
Joe – Lisa


Lisa got eliminated – getting a total of 3 votes.

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