Biggest Loser January 28, 2014 Results Who got voted off 1/28/14

An all new episode of the Biggest Loser airs tonight. There are five remaining players left, but after tonight’s episode, the two who fall below the yellow line will go home. Who will make it to next week’s finale?

After last week’s makeover week, the remaining players are in for another challenge tonight.

The first ever sprint triathlon on the show will happen tonight. The five players are going to compete to win a guaranteed spot in the finals, plus a brand Ford Fusion.

They are required to swim half a mile, bike 12 miles and run three miles!

The contestants get emotional as well as they get to watch a footage of their journeys, seeing how far they have come since day one.

Then at the later part of the show, the contestants will face another weigh-in. Two players will fall below the red line and be eliminated. Who do you think are these players?

The other two, plus the triathlon winner will compete in next week’s finale.

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Update: Chelsea and Jennifer got eliminated! 

Final three contestants

1. Bobby

2. David

3. Rachel




WEIGH IN RESULTS – Current weight

Rachel – 150 lbs, -0.99%

Chelsea – 157 lbs, -4.27%

Jennifer – 182 lbs, -1.62%

Bobby – 231 lbs, -6.85%

David – 243 lbs, -6.18%

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