Biggest Loser January 31, 2012 Results Who got voted off 1/31/12

It’s revelation time in tonight’s Biggest Loser – January 31, 2012. What’s to be revealed? We’ll find out if the Aqua team will be returning to the ranch. But of course, the episode won’t end without someone going home. One player will be eliminated at the end after the weigh in, where the contestants decide who to vote out.

It has been a month since the Aqua team, consisting of siblings Daphne and Adrian Dortch were eliminated and didn’t get a spot in the campus. They competed against the Pink team in an endurance based challenged but lost. Luckily, they have a chance to come back after four weeks, which is tonight. However they must lose 50 pounds. Were they able to do that? They return tonight to weigh-in. If they lost enough weight, they can return to the competition. What do you think guys?

Meanwhile, the challenge tonight involves bouncing medicine balls on a trampoline to get them over a wall testing the speed and coordination of both teams. The prize for the winning team is a chance to choose which player’s weight won’t count at tonight’s weigh-in.

We’re still in the early episodes but also expect some tension and clashes inside the ranch as they players decide who go send home.

Will the Aqua team be able to return? Who will be in the bottom two? Which contestant’s weight won’t count? Who wins the challenge?

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Update: Daphne & Adrian returned; Nancy was eliminated getting a total of 5 votes;

Red team wins the challenge. They get to choose which member’s weight that will not be counted.

Nancy’s starting weight is 217lbs. Her weight as of episode 5 is 196lbs

Voting History:

Kimmy – Nancy

Nancy – Mark

Mark – Nancy

Adrian – Mark

Buddy – Nancy

Kim – Nancy

Conda – Nancy


6 thoughts on “Biggest Loser January 31, 2012 Results Who got voted off 1/31/12

  1. Conda needs to go. She has created a lot of trouble for a different contestant each week (which resulted in elimination or walking away). She is a very passive aggressive specimen and a very angry woman. it might make for good tv but she is poisonous & in my opinion, surely an annoyance to the viewer and a walking nightmare for of teammates

  2. Yes, I agree about Conda. Where do they find these awful people. I turned it off last week and didn’t watch this week. Kim is a b**ch, too.

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