Biggest Loser January 4 2011 Premiere Results Who got voted off 1/4/11

It’s Biggest Loser season 11 premiere tonight, January 4, 2011. Eleven couples, two new trainers, what challenges await for them and who gets immunity? Who will be the first to be eliminated? Who gets voted out of Biggest Loser 1/4/11 results?

The eleven couples will be competing in the first challenge to determine their choice to be trained by Bob and Jillian or to be trained by mystery trainers outside the ranch. If they choose Bob and Jillian, they will be at risk of normal weekly elimination. If they choose the two mystery trainers, they have four weeks of immunity. Find out who among them will be at risk of being sent home each week.

By the way, the heaviest starting weight is 507lbs, Whom does it belongs to? It’s Arthur Wornum from Portland Oregon. Let’s see what will be his ending weight at his last appearance on the show the next few weeks.

Updates on the show will be here. The first contestant who got voted off Biggest Loser 1/4/11 results will be posted here.

Update: Ana Alvarado was the first to be eliminated.

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