Biggest Loser January 7, 2013 Results Who got voted off 1/7/13

It’s the second episode of the Biggest Loser: Challenge America tonight. Yes, the new season airs two nights, Sunday and tonight, Monday. There were 15 adult contestants but two have left already. Thus, 13 contestants remain. Who will be the third to go home?

Two contestants were gone – one was eliminated during the weigh-in while the other quit. Yes, one quit at the season premiere. Too soon, right?

Anyway, for the show’s second episode, there’s going to be a special football themed challenge. NFT star Antonio Gates will be the guest during the challenge testing the speed, agility and strength of the adult contestants. They will be competing for a special prize for the child on their team.

The contestants will also be pushed to new limits as they get to see the new outdoor gyms with Jillian, Dolvett and Bob have custom designed. Plus, there will be a red line for the one to lose the least amount of weight and the much dreaded week 2 curse which the contestants fear.

Another visitor at the ranch is Dr. H, who will give the players an eye-opening wake-up call on how unhealthy they are.

For the kids, the trainers will do a special fitness test. How will they deal with them?

Who will fall below the yellow line? Who will be sent home?

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Update: Nathan was eliminated. His starting weight was 359 lbs. He now weighs 299 lbs.

TEAM CHALLENGE – Teams will be judged based on their speed, agility and strength. The reward for the kid from the winning team is a Play 60 NFL visit for their school, which will also receive $5,000.

Pam couldn’t compete. Thus, the white team is down to two.

Challenge winner – White Team.




David – 278 lbs (-9, 3.14%)
Gina – 223 lbs (-7, 3.04%)
Alex: – 225 lbs (-6, 2.60%)
Michael – 409 lbs (-14, 3.31%)
Jeff – 359 lbs (no change)
TOTAL – 1494 lbs (-36, 2.35%)



Cate – 220 lbs (-5, 2.22%)
Francelina – 242 lbs (-6, 2.42%)
Jackson – 302 lbs (-4, 1.31%)
Joe – 326 lbs (-12, 3.55%)
Lisa – 225 lbs (-5, 2.17%)
TOTAL: 1315 lbs (-32, 2.38%)



Pam – 219 lbs (-8, 3.52%)
Danni – 234 lbs (-5, 2.09%)
Nathan – 334 lbs (-5, 1.47%)
TOTAL: 787 lbs (-18, 2.24%)


Nathan has been eliminated. 


3 thoughts on “Biggest Loser January 7, 2013 Results Who got voted off 1/7/13

  1. They are adult noone forced them to get fat or be on the show. They are there because they wanted a change but when they did get there they cry and dont want to do the work. I dont blame Jillian and the other to get upset. Quit wasting there time. Alot of othere people would of loved to be ther.

  2. Tired of all the waaa! Waaa!!crying- please- let the trainers focus on the people who want to be there, who are willing to work, and deserve their attention-if Jillian wasn’t having to coddle & play nurse maid to Nikki, then Pam and Danni the past two episodes then TC & Nathan would have had more attention and not have been eliminated!! What a raw deal for those two guys that worked so hard and ‘got it’!!

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