Biggest Loser January 8, 2015 Results Who got voted off 1/8/15

An all new episode of The Biggest Loser Glory Days airs tonight! It’s the much awaited Makeover Week tonight so get to see your favorite athletes complete their overall transformation with Tim Gunn as the guest.

There are six remaining players left, in which two are in the Comeback Canyon. Toma, Rob, Lori, Sonya at the ranch while Woody and Scott in Comeback Canyon.

Will Scott wins the weigh-in and stay for another week?

As always, results will be provided. Follow this blog on Twitter, or like on Facebook while waiting for it. Find out who gets eliminated on Biggest Loser’s 1/8/15 episode.


Rob – 330 lbs (-2, 0.60%)
Toma – 216 lbs (-1, 0.46%)
Sonya – 175 lbs (-3, 1.69%)
Lori – 226 lbs (-1, 0.44%)



Woody – 285 lbs (-6, 2.06%)


** Scott’s weight wasn’t revealed yet.

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