Biggest Loser March 13, 2012 Results Who got voted off 3/13/12

The nine remaining contestants will take on new challenges on the Biggest Loser March 13, 2012 episode. The stakes are higher as the prize for the challenge winner is a shopping spree. But that’s not the only highlight of the show tonight. A tough elimination awaits the contestants. Who will be the next player who gets eliminated on Biggest Loser week 11?

Everyone returns to their original team colors as the game goes to singles. The teams have disbanded, they are by themselves. Their first challenge as individuals is a tug-of-war competition on the ice. There’s going to be a Yankee Swap prize system which will give only lucky contestant a shopping spree with guess who? Jessica Simpson! The players, especially the ladies, are surprised. The actress, singer and now fashion designer will surely give the winner some brands from her clothing line. Who could the winner of the challenge be?

Meanwhile, a contestant will be able to tackle her fear of heights with the help of her trainer. Which contestant could it be? But it’s not always the trainer who coaches the contestants. In this episode, one of the contestants will try coaching their trainer. Which contestant is it?

As always, at the end of the episode, a player is sent home. As weeks go by, the elimination gets tougher. Which among these players will be sent home next? Will Conda stay for another week?

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Update: Emily was eliminated, getting a total of 5 votes. Her starting weight is 264lbs. She now weighs 174lbs.

Individual challenge – the players are tied to a ring at the center of the rink. Thy must pull themselves toward a bell and get a prize. They have the option to keep it or trade it to another player.

Challenge winner – Jeremy. However, he trades the shopping spree to Conda for the goldfish. Conda then went on a shopping spree with Kim.



Kimmy -4lbs

Conda -7lbs

Jeremy -9lbs

Megan -6lbs

Kim -6lbs

Buddy -8lbs

Chris -7lbs

Mark -9lbs

Emily -5lbs



Kim: Kimmy

Megan: Emily

Chris: Emily

Jeremy: Emily

Conda: Kimmy

Mark: Emily

13 thoughts on “Biggest Loser March 13, 2012 Results Who got voted off 3/13/12

  1. I don’t understand why or how Conda has lasted on the show as long as she has. She is so hateful! Comes off like a Jersey ganster.
    I was really hoping for Emily to win. The most important thing is for her to lose the rest of her weight and stick with her program and become happy with herself. She’s already beautiful. Can’t wait to see her at the finale.

  2. This is the worst season of biggest loser.. It is suppose to be about weight lose and inspiration, and all it’s about is drama, junior high crap, bullying. I don’t know how the producers are letting this happen. I quit watching this year and am so disappointed. I’m sure they have lots of viewers… Condo is horrible and should of been kicked off the first week, I dont know how the whole house let her control them. So disappointed!!!

  3. I stopped watching weeks ago when I lost the joy out of watching Conda the Manupulator coax people into doing what she wants. She has turned the spirit of the Biggest Loser from joyful to spiteful, and I can only hope that the producers watch the ratings drop and stop this childish behavior.

    I’ll bet Conda gains every pound back within 2 years. She’s just not doing it for good reasons. She’s out to win a game.

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