Biggest Loser March 18, 2013 Finale Results Winner, Who won 3/18/13?

It’s the Biggest Loser: Challenge America season finale tonight! Among the 15 players, only four has remained but only three will be in the last round since the third finalist will be revealed tonight. It’s a two-hour live finale, airing from 8pm to 10pm ET. Who will be the next Biggest Loser?

Those who got a sure spot in the finals are Danni and Jeff, while Jack and Joe compete for America’s vote to be in the third spot and we’ll find that out tonight.

Jeff Nichols had a starting weight of 388 lbs. His current weight is 265 lbs. Will he be this season’s winner?

Meanwhile, Danni Allen is the only female competing in the finals. She’s got a starting weight of 258 lbs and she’s now down to 163 lbs. Will the last woman standing be the winner?

Who do you think will be the third finalist between Jeff and Jack? Who did you vote for?

Also in tonight’s finale are the other contestants this season. They will be returning for a special reunion and a chance to weigh in one last time. They will show America how much weight they have lost since beginning their weight-loss journeys. They will also be competing for the $1000,000 “At Home” prize. Bingo, Lindsay and Sunny will also be on the show tonight.

Who will win the “At Home” prize? Who will be this season’s winner? Follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or like us on Facebook for updates. The player who who won The Biggest Loser Challenge America tonight, 3/18/13 will be posted.

Update: Danni wins the Biggest Loser; Gina wins the At Home Prize!


– Danni

– Jeff

– Jackson – he won America’s vote to be the third finalist.



Pam – 166 lbs (-71, 29.96%)
Nate – 260 lbs(-99, 27.58%)
Alex – 156 lbs(-84, 35.00%)
Francelina – 172 lbs(-95, 35.58%)
TC – 266 lbs(-110, 29.26%)
Michael – 308 lbs(-136, 30.63%)
Cate – 173 lbs(-64, 27.00%)
Lisa – 138 lbs(-108, 43.90%)
David – 205 lbs(-102, 33.22%)
Gina – 132 lbs(-113, 46.12%)
Joe – 217 lbs(-142, 40.38%)

Gina wins the At Home Prize!

Danni wins the $250,000 Grand Prize!

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