Biggest Loser March 20, 2012 Results Who got voted off 3/20/12

The players travel to Hawaii on the Biggest Loser tonight, March 20, 2012. While there, they will learn a lot of new things including surfing. But of course, even with all the new adventures, they must face the weigh-in where the two people who fall below the yellow line is in danger of going home. Who do you think will get eliminated on Biggest Loser week 12?

The remaining contestants will go to Hawaii, particularly in Oahu, where they’ll learn how to surf. Who says you can’t lose weight while on vacation? “Soul Surfer” Bethany Hamilton guests to teach the players and the trainers how to surf. They will compete in a trivia challenge and the winner will get a cash prize. The money can be spent on a menu of items. From Oahu, they head off to Kualoa Ranch, the place where “Jurassic Park” was field. In the place, the contestants will face immunity challenge in which they have to race. The winner gets tikis and leis.

Then, the weigh-in will be at Pearl Harbor, with the USS MIssouri in the background. It is hard to lose weight on vacation. Will the contestants be able to do so? One of the eight players will be sent home. Who could it be?

Again, we’ll give updates on the show. In the meantime, you can follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or like us on Facebook. Find out who wins the cash prize, who wins immunity and who was eliminated on Biggest Loser 3/20/12. Results of the weigh-in will also be posted.

Update: Kimmy has been eliminated. It’s also her wish to go home instead of Megan. Her starting weight is 219 lbs. She now weighs 154lbs.

Trivia challenge – Hawaiian foods Q&A. Chris wins this challenge.

Immunity challenge – gather leis and put on their opponents’ tikis. Players with 10 tikis are out. Conda wins immunity.



Jeremy -7lbs

Buddy -6lbs

Kim -5lbs

Conda -4lbs

Mark -4lbs

Chris -3lbs

Megan -3lbs – below the yellow line

Kimmy -2lbs – below the yellow line



Mark – Kimmy

Jeremy – Kimmy

Buddy – Kimmy

The other players’ votes were not revealed because three votes are enough to eliminate Kimmy

20 thoughts on “Biggest Loser March 20, 2012 Results Who got voted off 3/20/12

    • I agree with Nancy, I think Conda is conniving and so very sneaky. She pretends to be every ones friend so that no one will vote her off. I think she is also lazy, not sure how she even loses any weight. I am very disappointed with the way that the series has turned into a soap opera. If it doesn’t get better, I am done watching!!!!

  1. I agree I hate to it come down to who is popular or who has friends just like in high school it is all about you likes you not who you really are and what you deserve. I really like kim and mark I think they work very hard each week and deserve to be in the final 3.

  2. Conda and her brother are the source of pure contention in the house. Why no one sees this is beyond me. They both need to be sent home.

  3. I can’t stand these contestants. NBC should do a better job of screening. Conda for one needs a slap, a poor example of a mother. Would never want my kid watching such ugliness. And Mark……time for him to go home too. I have signed off the season. Hope they do a better job next season. Classless bunch of contestants. For shame on all. They will never keep their weight off, too busy being mean.

  4. I call this show “The Biggest Crybabies”. Why does every man and woman have to cry so much! Enough already!
    I thought they were there to lose weight and get their life back…not play a game. That show is called “Survivor”.

  5. I agree with many of the posts. I have been an avid watcher
    of The Biggest Loser but I am losing interest in the show
    recently because it seems to be more about how well you are liked by everyone in the house rather than the weight
    lost and the transformations that makes the show a success in the first place.

  6. I totally agree………this season has had far too many curse words and far too little work on losing weight. There are no positive group dynamics and Conda and her brother are the worst of all.

  7. My husband and I stopped watching the biggest loser. I can’t believe they let Conda behave like that. She makes me sick!!!

  8. We are so sick of Conda. From Day 1, she’s been nothing but a conniving instigator. I really hope that she reads these posts about her and gets a wake-up call as to her true character. Her daughter will be so ashamed of her mom one day when she sees the show. Conda has a lot of bad karma heading her way.

  9. This show is terrible. I’m all done watching this one. It isn’t teaching the contestants or the viewers anything about weight loss and eating habits. Sick of all the crying and I think only Kim, Emily & Mark are the only serious contestants and will be successful. Forget Conda & the brother, they will not keep it off. Never should have had such fools on in the first place. This show needs revamping. No more couples playing and a new way to send someone packing. Maybe the lowest weight loss that week. But the other contestants should not be planning someones fate to go home. This was the BIGGEST LOSER ALRIGHT!!!!

  10. I have to agree, I have watched the show from the 1st season, but this season I have skipped a lot of shows because of cast. I can’t stand the whinning, manipulating, game playing crowd. Kim is the only one that goes about her business and gets the job done. The rest are too busy complaining. I realize it is a game, but it is also a vehicle to inspire people to live better lives, to do better each day not just in weight loss but in every way.

  11. I agree with many of the comments here. I can’t stand conda and her brother. They are bad news and I can’t see them keeping the weight off when they have to go home and live in the real world. Damn… how do these fools get to be on the show? There’s so many more deserving people we can all learn from!!

  12. And the sob story about his father being addicted to pain pills… boo hoo…I don’t feel sorry for him or his sister. They are both such fakes.

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