Biggest Loser March 4, 2013 Results Who got voted off 3/4/13

A few more episodes before the season finale of the Biggest Loser: Challenge America, and tonight is the much awaited episode by everyone. It’s the makeover week and we’d get to see the five remaining contestants get transformed with their new look and style. Whose transformation are you looking forward to see?

Fashion guru Tim Gunn and celebrity hairstylist Ken Paves are the guests for tonight’s makeover episode. Tim Gunn will be working his magic by helping the contestants pick out stylish new outfits to flatter their new slimmer selves, while Ken Paves will give them a new look. For sure, there will be amazing and dramatic transformations and the contestants are excited for it as well.

Tonight’s episode is also the first time ever in the show’s history that the remaining players will all go home for their makeover reveals, where their family and friends will all gather to celebrate their transformation in a heartwarming, emotional reunions. The previous seasons have the families visit the contestants, but it’s the other way around this time.

The contestants will be back at the ranch for the much awaited weigh-in each week. They get immunity if they each lose a certain percentage of body weight. Will they all lost enough weight to keep everyone safe from elimination? Will there be a yellow line?

Who will be in danger of leaving the ranch, if ever?

As always, updates on the show tonight will be provided. In the meantime, follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or like us onĀ Facebook. The weigh-in results plus the player who gets voted off Biggest Loser 3/4/13 will be posted, if ever there will be an elimination.

Update: Everyone is safe since all lost more than 5%

The final five and the kids will have a makeover and go to their hometowns to see their families.

CHALLENGE – The players must lose 5% of their body weight for two weeks to earn immunity. Else, they are in risk of being eliminated and there’s no yellow line.


WEIGH-IN RESULT – everyone lost more than 5%

Danni – 174 pounds (-10, 5.43%)

Jackson – 235 pounds (-15, 6.00%)

Joe – 244 pounds (-17, 6.51%)

Jeff – 276 pounds (-19, 6.44%)

Gina – 163 pounds (-10, 5.78%)


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  1. Oh my GOODNESS how the mess did Jackson loose 15 lbs. COOL. Jeff lost alot too 19 freakin’ pounds. Ohhh and Joe I couldn’t tell him and his twin apart. HAHA very funny. Good Job Gina and Danni I knew that yall could do it as long as you believed.

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