Biggest Loser March 6, 2012 Results Who got voted off 3/6/12

The weight loss battle continues tonight on Biggest Loser March 6, 2012, which is the tenth week. There are ten remaining players left, five from the black team and five from the red team. At the end of the episode, one of them will be going home. Who among the players won’t make it next week for the next challenge? Who gets eliminated in Biggest Loser week 10?

For ten weeks, the players rely and depend on their trainers. What happens when they are taken away? The biggest twist happens tonight on The Biggest Loser. The players will be pushed out of their comfort zones as their trainers get switched. This challenge addresses the excuse “I’m stuck in my comfort zone”. There will be issues with the teams as they struggle with this big change. The red team will work with Bob Harper while the black team will do work outs with Dolvett Quince.

Meanwhile, the challenge will be getting down in a mud put. The teams will get down and dirty in this 70-foot wide mud pit which is filled with various weight plates they have. This is one messy challenge which will give one team a big advantage. Which team will win this challenge?

Another player will be sent home tonight after the weigh-in where two will be below the yellow line? Some players might not be able to lose much weight because of the trainer switch. Who will they be? By the way, do you agree that Chism was sent home?

As always, we’ll provide updates on the show. While waiting for the results, follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or like us on Facebook. Find out which team wins the challenge and who was who was eliminated on Biggest Loser 3/6/12. Results and other updates will be here.

Update: Cassandra was eliminated, getting a total of 3 votes from the Red team.

Mud challenge – Red team wins, getting a 2-pound advantage at the weigh-in.

At the weign-in,the winning team will vote, eliminate whichever member of the losing team they choose.


Weign-In Results


Mark -2lbs

Buddy -5lbs

Kimmy -2lbs

Jeremy -7lbs

Kim -4lbs



Cassandra -3lbs

Chris -1lb

Megan -1lb

Emily -4lbs

Conda -3lbs


Red team will vote who among the black team will go home.



Mark – Cassandra

Kim – Chris

Kimmy – Cassandra

Jeremy – Chris

Buddy – Cassandra

6 thoughts on “Biggest Loser March 6, 2012 Results Who got voted off 3/6/12

  1. CONDA IS A BULLY and should have been voted off week one. She gives a bad name to The Biggest loser and I am appauled that she has not been called out publicly for her bullying tactics. With the epidemic this country is facing regarding this issue of Bullying, SHAME ON YOU BIGGEST LOSER FOR NOT FORCING HER OFF THE SHOW…….

  2. Conda is a child!!! Spoiled and foul mouthed and certainly it does not take a genius to realize she is a nasty person!!! I was taught even when you play a game a person should show some respect for the feelings of others!!!!

  3. Can’t stand Conda!!! She is the kind of person that goes around stirring up trouble and bad-mouthing others. She is like a cancer that needs to be removed. I will cheer when she gets voted off. She’s got plenty of bad karma coming her way.

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