Biggest Loser May 1, 2012 Finale Results Winner, Who won 5/1/12?

The Biggest Loser No Excuses winner will be revealed tonight. Who among the final three contestants will it be? Will it be Jeremy, Kim or Conda? It’s going to be ah hour-long live finale, airing from 8pm to 9pm ET. Which incredible transformer will be the next Biggest Loser?

There were 23 contestants at the start of the season and now, only three has survived to be in the finale, a professional wrestler and brother and sister tandem.

Kim Nielson had a starting weight of 252 lbs. From that weight, losing as much as 13 lbs on the first episode, she’s now down to 147 lbs at the semi-finals. She also won a 2013 Ford Escape SUV after losing the highest percentage of weight on episode 16. Will she be the winner this season?

The other finalist is Conda Britt. Her starting weight was 294 lbs. Losing as much as 10 lbs every week (though she gained a pound on week 8), her weight during the semi-finals was 195. Many people don’t like her since according to them, she’s condescending. They say she’s lucky for having a brother like Jeremy, who is also a finalist, by the way. Will she win tonight?

The last finalist is Jeremy Britt. He was eliminated on episode 16 after being the one to lose the least percentage of weight. This was the episode were Mark and Buddy quit due to the rule where eliminated contestants are given the chance to return for the spot at the finals. He won the four-part challenge, making him the third finalist for the $250,000 grand prize. Do you think he deserves to win?

The contestants will reunite tonight to show off their amazing transformations. Those who were eliminated still have the chance to win a prize. They will compete for the “at home” prize of $100,000. Who do you think will win this prize? After that is the revelation who wins the Biggest Loser season 13.

By the way, the winner of the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA) challenge will be announced tonight. This is a competition announced by First Lady Michelle Obama during the makeover episode. This is a six-week pledge-based program to get both adults and children become more physically healthy and active. The contestant who can get the most people to sign up under their names wins. Planet Fitness will donate $30,000 worth of gym equipment to the hometown of the one who will get the most pledge.

Who will win the “at home” prize? Who will win the PALA challenge? Who will win tonight?

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Update: Mike wins the “at home” prize of $100,000; Jeremy wins The Biggest Loser, winning $250,000!

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Mark, Buddy and Joe are not eligible to win the “at home” prize…

All the eliminated contestants return, all looking great…Ben & Mike, Lauren & Gail, Nancy & Adrian, Roy & Daphne, Chism & Cassandra, Emily & Kimmy, Megan & Chris



Chism -103 lbs = 28.53%

Nancy -56 lbs = 25.81%

Cassandra -92 lbs = 38.49%

Ben -139lbs = 35.10%

Daphne -88 lbs = 32.47%

Adrian -108 lbs = 29.19%

Emily -102 lbs = 38.64%

Megan -76 lbs = 29.34%

Kimmy -71 lbs = 32.42%

Gail -87 lbs = 27.02%

Lauren -89 lbs = 36.18%’

Roy -88 lbs = 28.76%

Chris -77lbs = 32.08%

Mike -160 lbs = 44.69%

Mike wins the “at home” prize!

Kim wins the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award. She wins $30,000 for her community!



Conda from 294 lbs to 179 lbs = -115 lbs = 39.12%

Jeremy from 389 lbs to 190 lbs = -199 lbs = 51.16%

Kim from 252 lbs to 134 lbs = -118 lbs = 46.83%


11 thoughts on “Biggest Loser May 1, 2012 Finale Results Winner, Who won 5/1/12?

  1. I just hope someone besides hateful Kim and Conda wins which would be Jeremy. I’ve not watched as much this season due to them adding so many drama queens to the lineup. I hope the next season has more focused and decent people. We just didn’t like this season much around here, think we’ll skip it.

  2. I have seen ALL the seasons, NEVER have I seen one with such ungrateful vindictive people. This season was horrible.if the next one is like this one, I’m done with biggest loser.I hated all these girls this season.

  3. All of the contestant this season were only in it for the money. I realize its a game but I really didn’t like this season.

  4. I totally agree with those who said this was the worst group of contestants on the Biggest Loser Show ever! I just hope next seasons guest on the ranch will be much better.

  5. Allsmiles and Maria, I’m with you! I stopped watching early in the season. Such nasty contestants, it was sickening, and Condy was the worst. So glad she didn’t win.

  6. I am sorry but this season was horrible. All about $$$$ !! Then some kids went home a spare ts stood. This is terrible.
    When a few of the reaming cast left when the old players where coming back that stunk.
    One more try I’m giving this show! Like this again and I’m done.

  7. Very greedy and selfish people on the show, they should be very grateful for the chance to make a change in their lives. I am sure Jeremy will give Conda a cut of the cash. I agree this was one of the worst shows with contestants. They should try a celebity show or people who are not in shape to compete for a prize, spice it up a bit. I do miss Jillian but I enjoy the trainers, they work hard and very commited to helping these people.

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