Biggest Loser May 10, 2011 Results Who got voted off 5/10/11

Biggest Loser May 10, 2011 is the week before the semifinals. This is where the final four will be revealed. Who do you think will they be? But before that, the players will be tested on how much they have learned and at the weigh-in, one will be leaving. Who gets voted out of Biggest Loser 5/10/11 results?

Each contestant will be tested by the trainers to know how much they have learned. The winner will be getting a big cash prize. Also, they must compete against each other in four different exercises while playing “The Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout” on Kinect for Xbox 360. This is their chance to get additional points to their overall test scores.

The test won’t end there as they will be put to another test involving weighted sandbags. The winner of this challenge gets an advantage during the weigh-in and increase their chance to be in the final four.

Who won’t make it next week? Who will be the final four? It will be posted here as well as the one who was eliminated on Biggest Loser 5/10/11 results.

UpdateAustin Andrews got voted off, getting two votes.

Final four are and their current weights:

Hannah Curlee – 150lbs

Irene Alvarado – 147lbs

Jay Jacobs – 246lbs

Olivia Ward – 153lbs

16 thoughts on “Biggest Loser May 10, 2011 Results Who got voted off 5/10/11

  1. where can you find out who got voted off? The show wasn’t on because they wanted to talk about the weather.

  2. Stupid a*s Kare 11 had the Damn weather on for the last hour. What a joke that austin was eliminated. I will be done watching. That’s bullsh*t

  3. If you see the weight loss totals for the week you will see why he got voted off. One pound lost and a one pound advantage for winning the challenge. Hannah, 4; Irene 5; Jay 9; Olivia 5. Everyone else was 2.6% and higher and Austin was .85%

  4. IMO – as long as the contestants have the opportunity to vote someone off the show, then neither Hannah or Olivia will be voted off if only one of them is in the bottom two. Yes, Austin had the lowest percentage weight loss, but the bond between the two sisters is very strong (and a little strange…). They also are very vocal, with more camera time typically than the other contestants. I’ve felt this way for weeks. The only way one sister would be eliminated would have been if both were in the bottom two.

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