Biggest Loser May 17, 2011 Results Who got voted off 5/17/11

Biggest Loser May 17, 2011 is the semifinals week. Two among the final four will be be definitely at the finals next week. Who do you will they be? Who will need America’s vote to be the third finalist? Who gets voted out of Biggest Loser 5/17/11 results?

Patrick House, season 10 winner will be the guest star for tonight. There will be a fun cooking competition to see the one who can make the tastiest turkey burgers for the kids. Later on, they will go to a golf course and Patrick House will be cheering the players on in one of the toughest challenges of the season, where they must put the weight back on, literally.

They must carry a heavy golf bag filled with flags weighted for how much they lost each week and each player races from hole to hole, dropping the flags along the way and reminding themselves just how far they’ve really come.

The players will also call the eliminated ones to see how they are and their final workout at the ranch with the trainers will be tonight.

Who do you think will be the top two finalists? Who will fall below the yellow line and depend on the votes?

Updates will be here on Biggest Loser 5/17/11 results.

Update: Olivia & Hannah in the final three.

Jay & Irene need America’s vote

8 thoughts on “Biggest Loser May 17, 2011 Results Who got voted off 5/17/11

  1. I think that Irene will Be the Biggest Loser! She has made the most progress and she isn’t always taking the spotlight! Until recently she wasn’t even talking much, I think since she has dropped the weight now she has alot more self confidence! I truely hope she wins! She seems too have a Big Heart, saying she was giving the car she won to her Mom, I wish her all the luck in the world and pray that she wins this so she can start her new life and have the money to help her along the way to help her and her family 🙂

  2. I believe Irene should be one of the finale 3 and believe she should win…She has the biggest heart of all!!!!::)) And the others are great but she has out done them…

  3. I have seen Irene here in Portland doing walks with Arthur and some Portlanders and she is not nice, not encouraging, and has a bit of an ‘I’m better than you’ attitude. Arthur is friendly and tries to get the people pumped for the walk, but Irene is. ….stuck up and bitchy. Complete opposite from the show. Very sad!

  4. ii hope JAY wins, Olivia n Hanna r greedy n Irene is trying 2 fit in wit them 2…Hope America votes Irene out cuz shes slimmed already n Jay needs 2 finish what he started n he really needs it….Go Jay make us proud, my vote is for Irene 2 go home.

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