Biggest Loser November 1, 2011 Results Who got voted off 11/1/11

The competition gets shaky in the Biggest Loser November 1, 2011 episode. Big changes are ahead as the nine contestants compete in the game tonight. What changes will the players encounter? It will be an emotional night. Find out who gets voted out of Biggest Loser 11/1/11 results.

The stakes are high in the first challenge which is about calorie-counting. This will determine who each players’ trainer will be for the rest of the season. The contestants will switch teams and trainers. Some will find it hard to go on separate ways with their teams and expect some dramatic confrontations to happen as they adjust to their new teams. Which contestants will go to Bob Harpers team? Who will be in Anna Kournikova’s team? Who will be in Dolvett Quince’s team?

The second challenge will have the new teams race down a water slide on a hill to unscramble block letters revealing the winning team’s prize. What could it be?

The trainers also will take their teams off the ranch to spice up their last chance workouts. But that’s not all. The weigh-in will reveal the outcome from the team switch. Which team will win the challenge? Who will fall below the yellow-line?

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Update: Jessica got eliminated; She now weighs 185lbs.

New teams:

Black – Becky, Antone, Vinny

Red – Bonnie, Jessica, John

Blue – Ramon, Joe, Sunny


Immunity challenge winner – Joe


Voting history:

Becky – Jessica

Antone – Jessica

Vinny – Bonnie

Ramon – Bonnie

Joe – Jessica

Sunny – Jessica

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