Biggest Loser November 12, 2013 Results Who got voted off 11/1213

The Biggest Loser: Second Chances 2 becomes a mix of a cooking show and weight-loss show in one on tonight’s episode. Well, the dishes they will cook will be healthy so no worries about gaining weight for them.

This is their challenge tonight, a fun cooking challenge. Guess who are the food critics? It’s the Kid Ambassadors from last season!

Bingo, Lindsay and Sunny return to the ranch to help White House nutrition expert Sam Kass judge a lively cooking challenge.

Sam Kass is the Executive Director of First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move!” initiative and Senior Policy Advisor on Nutrition.

With this, the teams must make a creative, tasty and nutritious dish which is appealing to the whole family. The kids will be the critics. They have 30 minutes to prepare their healthy kid-friendly dishes.

The winner of the challenge gets a year’s worth of groceries.

The episode isn’t all about fun though since the contestants must work hard to lose weight.

Again, one of the players will be eliminated after the weigh-in results. Who could it be?

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Update: Craig has been eliminated after falling below the red line.

CHALLENGE – prepare healthy meals with Bingo, Lindsay and Sunny as the critics.

Read team – tapas with 380 calories

White team – ranch quesadillas with 420 calories

Blue team – quesadillas with veggies hidden

WINNER – Blue team because they were able to get Bingo overeat a food he claims not to like.



– Jillian broke the rules last week by giving her team caffeine supplements. She defended it saying that was healthier than drinking a lot of coffee. With this, the White team got a 4 lb penalty at the weigh-in as the team’s punishment.



Bobby – 298 lbs (-19, 5.99%)
Holley – 296 lbs (-19, 6.03%)
Hap – 348 lbs (-15, 4.13%)
Chelsea – 202 lbs (-13, 6.05%)
Matt – 294 lbs (-21, 6.67%)
Blue Total – 1438 lbs (-87, 5.70%)
Craig – 336 lbs (-14, 4.00%)
Marie – 213 lbs (-12, 5.33%)
Jay – 231 lbs (-13, 5.33%)
Tumi – 267 lbs (-13, 4.64%)
White Total – 1047 lbs (-52, +4, 4.37%)


David – 334 lbs (-13, 3.75%)
Jennifer – 224 lbs (-12, 5.08%)
Tanya – 224 lbs (-15, 6.28%)
Rachel – 198 lbs (-18, 8.33%)
Red Total – 980 lbs (-58, 5.59%)


The White Team got the lowest percentage of weight loss even if there’s no penalty. From the team, Craig falls below the red line again. He was saved the first time but not the second time.


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