Biggest Loser November 15, 2011 Results Who got voted off 11/15/11

The Biggest Loser goes to singles in its November 15, 2011 episode. The seven remaining contestants won’t play in a team. Instead, they will compete against each other for immunity. This person will be safe from elimination tonight while those who aren’t immune might be sent home. Which player will this be?

The players will have to rely only on themselves as they compete in a pentathlon. This event will test everything about the players, their speed, their strength and even their nutrition knowledge. From each of the five events, each player will earn points. The winner of this pentathlon gets immunity while the loser will have a weigh-in disadvantage. Which among the players will lose?

The guest for tonight is Apolo Ohno, an eight-time Olympic medalist. He will lead the contestants through their final event while motivating them each step of the way. However, not all will get motivated. Some might not even listen to Ohno at all.

Anyway, one of the contestants will struggle with trust issues and one of the trainers will reveal about his/her difficult childhood. Which trainer will this be?

At the weigh-in, one player could fall below the yellow line and tonight’s elimination could be the most emotional elimination this season. Who do you think will it be? Who among the players will immunity and who will be in danger of being sent home tonight?

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Update: Bonnie was eliminated; Her current weight is 186 pounds.

Antone wins pentathlon and got immunity.

Bonnie receives a 1 pound disadvantage.


Total scores during pentathlon

Antone – 26

Sunny – 25

Becky – 22

Vinny – 18

John – 17

Ramon – 17

Bonnie – 13

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  1. ramon you really got to step up the plate or else you’ll get eliminated very soon!!We all love you so much and you’re my favorite contestant!!

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