Biggest Loser November 16 2010 Results Who got voted off 11/16/10

Biggest Loser November 16, 2010 results will have seven contestants remain at the end of the episode. Two were sent home last week, but tonight, on week 8, looks like only one gets kicked off. Who do you think will it be? Who gets voted out of Biggest Loser 11/16/10? Results available soon.

The players will receiving a surprise at the show tonight. They will be receiving heartwarming videos from their loved ones except for Ada. But, the other players made a video for her, which is truly touching. The competition also goes singles so find out what challenges awaits the players and who will be at the bottom two and be eliminated.

Four guys and four ladies remain. Who could be the next to be voted off after Aaron and Jesse? Shouldn’t those who didn’t want to be at the ranch the one to be sent home? What do you think?

Updates of the results will be here again. Find out who was eliminated on Biggest Loser 11/16/10 results. Please check back this post, thank you.

Updates: Jessica Delfs was eliminated, getting a total of 3 votes.

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