Biggest Loser November 19, 2013 Results Who got voted off 11/19/13

Someone’s going to return tonight in the Biggest Loser: Second Chances! I’m sure most of you already knows who’s going to return, but for those who doesn’t know yet, you will be happy that Ruben Studdard will return on the show!

Are you excited for it? If you remember, Jillian broke the rules by giving her team caffeine supplements. With this, the previous week’s results in which Ruben was eliminated were invalidated. Thus, he could return and that’s what’s going to happen tonight.

Anyway, the guests for tonight’s episode are David Foster and season 14 winner Danni Allen. Ruben and Dolvett will visit music icon and 16-time Grammy Award winner David Foster at his home to work on a song. Do you think it’s just a scheme, that Jillian is just being used to bring Ruben back?

Meanwhile, it’s a busy week at the ranch, which will start with a fun bouncing ball challenge that will award members of the winning team a welcome cash prize. Plus, Dannie Allen, season 14 winner, will be stopping by for lunch and have a pep talk with the contestants.

But then again, the players must face another weigh-in. Who do you think will be sent home?

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Update: Matt got the lowest percentage of weight loss but was saved. Thus, no one was eliminated!

CHALLENGE – team will have to take balls, race 250 ft and bounce them to a teammate on the other side of the bridge. That teammate then have to bounce them into baskets which vary by points.

First team to get 30 wins. Reward is $1,000 each.

WINNER – Red team


Hap – 340 lbs (-8, 2.30%)
Holley – 291 lbs (-5, 1.69%)
Matt – 290 lbs (-4, 1.36%)
Chelsea – 197 lbs (-5, 2.48%)
Bobby – 293 lbs (-5, 1.68%)
BLUE TOTAL – 1411 lbs (-27, 1.88%)


Jay – 226 lbs (-5, 2.16%)
Marie – 207 lbs (-6, 2.82%)
Tumi – 256 lbs (-11, 4.12%)
WHITE TOTAL – 689 lbs (-22, 3.09%)


Ruben – 401 lbs (-8, 1.96%)
Rachel – 195 lbs (-3, 1.52%)
Tanya – 220 lbs (-4, 1.79%)
Jennifer – 220 lbs (-4, 1.79%)
David – 317 lbs (-17, 5.09%)
RED TOTAL – 1353 lbs (-36, 2.59%)

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