Biggest Loser November 2 2010 Results Who got voted off 11/2/10

Biggest Loser November 2, 2010 airs tonight and it’s the week 6 of the Pay It Forward edition. The players will face challenges again, and the two from the losing team who falls below the yellow line is in danger of being sent home. Who will they be? Who was voted out of Biggest Loser 11/2/10? Results will be posted below soon.

Last week, the Blue team barely won the Dragon Boat Race challenge, where they get to refuse the first person the Black team selected for the weigh-in, as a reward. They selected Elizabeth, who lost 5 pounds and the Black team selected Jessica, who just lost 4 pounds. Thus, the Black team won. During the elimination, it was a tie between Adam and Jessica and Adam was kicked off since he was a bigger threat than Jessica.

What could be happening tonight? The players will be heading to Camp Pendleton where they will undergo real-life training with Marines. Will they be able to finish the training, or will someone give up?

As always, we’ll give you updates so stay tuned for it. The player who was eliminated on Biggest Loser 11/2/10 results will be here.

Update: Anna Wright was eliminated, getting 3 votes

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