Biggest Loser November 20, 2014 Results Who got voted off 11/20/14

An all new episode of The Biggest Loser Glory Days tonight. This is the last episode for the month as the show might take a two weeks break due to Thanksgiving, so no distraction while you eat your dinner or while doing your early Black Friday shopping on Amazon.

Anyway, tonight’s episode is titled “No ‘I’ in Team”. The players will be reflecting on their accomplishments and will communicate their goals while hiking with their trainers.

For the challenge, the players will try to lose 50 pound collectively.

Also, don’t forget that there’s the Comeback Canyon in which either Damien or Rondalee will be going home.

Who will fall below the red line? Who wins the challenge? Follow this blog on Twitter, or like on Facebook for updates tonight. Find out who gets eliminated on Biggest Loser’s 11/20/14 episode.

Update: Rondalee has been eliminated. Scott has been voted off!


Rondalee – 217 lbs (-4, 1.81%)
Damien – 295 lbs (-11, 3.59%)


CHALLENGE – players must lose 50 lbs together. Everybody is safe if they do. Otherwise, two people will fall below the yellow line.


Sonya – 197 lbs (-3, 1.50%)
Jordan – 242 lbs (-4, 1.63%)
JJ – 306 lbs (-3, 0.97%)
Woody – 315 lbs (-2, 0.63%)
Lori – 243 lbs (-2, 0.82%)
Rob – 365 lbs (-1, 0.27%)
Toma – 247 lbs (+1, 0.41%)
Scott – 268 lbs (no change)


Toma and Scott in danger since they did not lose weight


Jordan – Toma
Sonya – Scott
Rob – Toma
Woody – Scott
JJ – Scott
Lori – Scott

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