Biggest Loser November 22, 2011 Results Who got voted off 11/22/11

It’s The Biggest Loser Thanksgiving episode tonight, November 22, 2011. Six contestants remain to compete and perform the next tasks. There are temptations and rewards that awaits them. Who will give in and who will get a reward? Who gets eliminated next?

It’s Thanksgiving, and the contestants’ week will start with a holiday food temptation which involve favorites during this occasion, which will include turkey, most probably. Amazing prices which includes a 3lb advantage are up for grabs. As if the food wasn’t enough, the trainers are going to prepare a healthy Thanksgiving dinner for the players. A surprising revelation will be told by one of the trainers during dinner. What could it be?

Meanwhile, the players will face the toughest challenge of the season so far, which is an outdoor, one-mile high climb on Jacob’s Ladder treadmill climbers. Special prizes will be given to the top finishers, but with a Pay-It-Forward-like twist. What twist could it be?

At the elimination table, tension arises after one of the players will does something that’s considered as uncharitable by the others. Will this contestant be the one who will be sent home? If not, who could it be? Who among John, Sunny, Antone, Becky, Ramon and Vinny won’t be seen next week? Who will be in the bottom two this week?

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Update: Ramon was voted off, getting 2 votes; He lost a total of 110lbs.

Voting History

Vinny – Sunny

Becky – Ramon

John – Sunny

Antone – Ramon

** There was a tie, but as per rules, the person with the lowest percentage of weight loss goes home.

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