Biggest Loser November 29, 2011 Results Who got voted off 11/29/11

The most anticipated episode is here once again. It’s The Biggest Loser Makeover episode tonight, November 29, 2011 from 8pm to 10pm ET. The five remaining players have an amazing transformation. For sure the contestants are excited for some R and R. However, one of them will be sent home tonight at the end of the episode. Who do you will be the next to get eliminated?

Celebrity hairstylist Ken Paves and fashion expert Jeannie Mai will help transform the final five players in the much anticipated makeover episode. They will make the finalists look glam and fab tonight. First off, the players head off to a luxury spa for some pampering then they go shopping for trendy clothes in Beverly Hills with Jeannie Mai. Afterwards, they get styled by Ken Paves and give them new look. The fun doesn’t stop as they go to Cirque Du Soleil’s “Iris” riding a limousine.

As with the usual makeover episode, the players have a heartwarming reunion with a loved one to see their transformation. But it’s back to reality after all the fun and the contestants must weigh-in. One of the bottom two contestants will go home. Who do you think will this player be? Will it be Sunny, John, Vinny, Becky or Antone? Have any predictions?

Anyway, if you haven’t yet, you can follow us on twitter for the updates on the show. Just click on the twitter icon at the upper right corner of this website. The contestant who won’t make it to the final four will be posted here. Find out who was eliminated on Biggest Loser 11/29/11 results.

Update: Sunny was voted off. She lost a total weight of 76 lbs.

The final four are:





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