Biggest Loser November 5, 2013 Results Who got voted off 11/513

The challenges continue for the Biggest Loser: Second Chances 2 contestants. It’s a Halloween episode tonight at the ranch and a big prize awaits the winner. Who will win the challenge?

The contestants will go trick or treating as it’s Halloween at the ranch. Plus, a pumpkin challenge awaits them as they go into a field of 100 pumpkins filled with candy treats, cash prizes and a winning ticket. Only lucky player will win immunity for the whole team.

Meanwhile, one of the trainers will bring a special group of people to work out with the team and another trainer will have a heart-to-heart talk with a contestant.

By the way, remember the child ambassador – Bingo? We’ll get to see him tonight and find out how he’s been.

Anyway, one of the players will be sent home. Find out who it is. Follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or like us on Facebook for the results. The next player who got voted off Biggest Loser 11/5/13 will be posted.

UpdateRuben gets eliminated, falling below the red line.

TEMPTATION – the contestant who wins temptation wins immunity for the entire team.

– There’s a field of 100 pumpkins, in which 99 are treats and 1 is immunity.

– the team who consumes the fewest calories wins

– Winner – blue team



The blue team is immune as long as none of them gained any weight.

Holley- 315 lbs (-4, 1.25%)
Matt- 315 lbs (-4, 1.25%)
Bobby- 317 lbs (-4, 1.25%)
Hap- 363 lbs (-5, 1.36%)
Chelsea- 215 lbs (-5, 2.27%)
BLUE TOTAL – 1525 lbs (-22, 1.42%)

Marie- 225 lbs (-4, 1.75%)
Craig- 350 lbs (-7, 1.96%)
Tumi- 280 lbs (-7, 2.44%)
Jay- 244 lbs (-9, 3.56%)
WHITE TOTAL – 1099 lbs (-27, 2.40%)

Rachel- 216 lbs (-8, 3.57%)
David- 347 lbs (-7, 1.98%)
Jennifer- 236 lbs (-6, 2.48%)
Tanya- 239 lbs (-3, 1.24%)
Ruben- 423 lbs (-5, 1.17%)
RED TOTAL – 1461 lbs (-29, 1.95%)


Ruben’s weight falls the red line.

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