Biggest Loser November 9 2010 Results Who got voted off 11/9/10

Biggest Loser November 9, 2010 will be full of emotions and drama as Bob and Jillian seem to be disappointed with the results. It’s week 7 and looks like the players’ are losing from losing weight. Who among the remaining 10 will be kicked off? Who gets voted out of Biggest Loser 11/9/10? Results to be here soon.

Will tonight’s episode will be the worst weigh-in in the reality show’s history? By the way, another history will be made tonight as Bob pays a visit to one eliminated player on live TV. Who do you think will it be? According to the preview, Bob’s going to reveal the amazing weight loss of the latest eliminated players. Could it be one of the ladies?

Could it be Anna, since she’s one of the latest to be sent home, which was last week, after getting a unanimous vote from the Black Team?

Anyway, we’ll find out soon. Updates will be given once again to find out who was eliminated on Biggest Loser 11/9/2010 results. Please be back, thanks.

Updates: It was a double elimination night. Aaron Thompkins and Jesse Atkins were eliminated.

3 thoughts on “Biggest Loser November 9 2010 Results Who got voted off 11/9/10

  1. so pissed off! i believe that elizabeth and lisa should have been voted off. like she said they are just place holders! its not fair & aaron really needs to be there. if that girl lisa doesnt want to be there then they need to freaking go home!!!!!!!!!!

  2. so after watching the almost full episode..down to the elimination round….had to put kids to sleep WHY???? ….why Aaron and Jesse? why did the other teams vote that way?

  3. I just looked online to see who got eliminated. Why did the remaining members vote to have Aaron and Jesse go? To me this season has the most game playing of all. I realize there is a lot of money involved; but come on, not everyone is there for the money. Why keep someone when they have clearly stated they want to go home!!!! Why wait to be eliminated (which seems will never happen). JUST LEAVE THE SHOW ON YOUR OWN AND GO HOME.

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