Biggest Loser October 11, 2011 Results Who got voted off 10/11/11

Biggest Loser October 11, 2011 tonight. Guess what? three former contestants return to the show, not as contestants but to cheer. Who are they? Which group will they be assigned to? Who do you think will get voted out of Biggest Lost 10/11/11 results tonight?

Those who are returning are Hannah Curlee, Adam Hurtado and Maric Crozer from the past seasons. They are visiting not just to cheer on the team representing his/her age group, but to give inspiration as well.

Meanwhile, the players participate in the wild weather challenge, where the players race while battling the elements to win coveted letters from home. Who will win this challenge? The team who wins will get a surprise bonus prize.

Later on, Bob Harper will give his team last chance workouts. While in this, one player will try to overcome his fear of the water. Will he be successful after? Other trainers are working hard too to make her team more challenge.

Anyway, one will be going home tonight. Follow us on twitter and click the twitter icon at the upper right section of this website for the latest results. Which player will be the one who was eliminated on Biggest Loser 10/11/11 results? It will be provided here, as always.

Update: Mike Danley was eliminated; His starting weight is 309lbs and now weighs 239 lbs.

Blue team lost the challenge.

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