Biggest Loser October 12 2010 Results Who got voted off 10/12/10

Biggest Loser October 12, 2010 is another episode of the weight loss reality show. The drama and challenges continue as the contestants perform challenges to lose weight. Which two will fall below the yellow line and who will get voted out of Biggest Loser 10/12/10?

It was an emotional episode last week, after Tina announced that she wants to be voted off, the day after Allie was voted off. She wanted to be eliminated to have a vacation of a lifetime with her family. Thus, the contestants got angry with her and they were right. They should have voted her off instead of Allie, huh?

Anyway, at the end, Tina got what she wished for. She was sent home after being in the bottom two.

Will it be another interesting episode tonight? What challenges will the remaining contestants be asked to do tonight? What will Jillian and Bob ask them to do?

We’ll find out soon! If you want some updates, please do check back this post. Know who was eliminated on Biggest Loser 10/12/10 results.

Updates: Sophia and Burgandy were eliminated.

Sophia fell below the red line. Thus, she was automatically eliminated.

Burgandy fell below the yellow line and was sent home after getting voted out – having 4 votes.

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