Biggest Loser October 15, 2013 Premiere Results Who got voted off 10/15/13

The Biggest Loser is back with an all new season! Beginning tonight, get ready to fill your Tuesdays with this reality show from NBC. Dubbed as Biggest Loser: Second Changes 2, the trainers got a new roles for this season. They are not just the trainers, but they also helped select the contestants. Another new is there’s a “trainer save”, which allows them to save one eliminated contestant.

Are you excited to see your favorite trainers – Bob Harper, Jillian Michaels and Dolvett Quince? Allison Sweeney hosts the show.

Anyway, American Idol winner Ruben Studdard is one of the contestants this season. He’s the show’s first celebrity player, by the way.

Who’s going to be the first to fall below the yellow line and be eliminated?

Here are the Biggest Loser: Second Chances contestants:
Bobby Saleem
Chelsea Arthurs
Craig Arrigton
David Brown
Fernanda Abarca
Hap Holmstead
Holley Mangold
Jay Sheets
Jennifer Messer
Marie Pearl
Matt Hooper
Rachel Frederickson
Ruben Studdard
Tanya Winfield
Tumi Oguntala

What will be the first challenge this season?

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Update: Craig falls below the red line and should have been eliminated, but Jillian saved him. Thus, no one gets eliminated tonight!


– Craig, Tumi, Rachel, Marie, Fernanda



– Holley, Jay, Matt, Chelsea, Bobby



– Jennifer, Ruber, Tanya, Hap, David


No yellow line tonight, but there’s a red line. The contestants with the lowest percentage of weight loss on the losing team gets eliminated.


Holley – 335 lbs (-16 lbs, 4.56%)
Hap: 386 lbs (-17 lbs, 4.22%)
Chelsea: 229 lbs (-12 lbs, 4.98%)
Matt: 333 lbs (-23 lbs, 6.46%)
Bobby: 338 lbs (-20 lbs, 5.59%)
Blue Team lbs – 1621 lbs (-88 lbs, 5.15%)

Ruben: 441 lbs (-21 lbs, 4.55%)
Jennifer: 255 lbs (-11 lbs, 4.14%)
Tanya: 247 lbs (-15 lbs, 5.73%)
Rachel: 239 lbs (-21 lbs, 8.08%)
David: 371 lbs (-38 lbs, 9.29%)
Red Team Total – 1552 lbs (-107 lbs, 6.45%)

Tumi: 319 lbs (-14 lbs, 4.39%)
Fernanda: 238 lbs (-12 lbs, 4.80%)
Marie: 240 lbs (-9 lbs, 3.61%)
Jay: 274 lbs (-23 lbs, 7.74%)
Craig: 372 lbs (-13 lbs, 3.38%)
White Team Total – 1429 lbs (-71 lbs, 4.73%)


Bellow the red line – Craig, but Jillian saves him.

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