Biggest Loser October 18, 2011 Results Who got voted off 10/18/11

Biggest Loser October 18, 2011 is the fifth episode this season. A twist will happen which will be more of a pressure than leisure to one of the players. Will this contestant be the next player who gets voted out of Biggest Loser 10/18/11 results?

One player will be chosen to go home this week with their team’s trainer. That’s not all, he or she will be getting immunity. However, the twist is, the chosen contestant’s weight will be the only weight that counts for their team this week. Which contestant will it be?

Meanwhile, the challenge for tonight is a ranch race. The players will leave at the ranch race and passed though a maze to fill a large cylinder with soda. The winner will get a great prize. Which team will win?

The drama wont stop there as one trainer will devise grueling workouts and will worry about the fractured team they left behind. Another trainer will get angry with a contestant who they say, is hiding behind humor.

An intense weigh-in will happen where two will be in the bottom two after. Which players will it be?

Anyway, one will be going home tonight. Follow us on twitter for the latest results. Which player will be the one who was eliminated on Biggest Loser 10/18/11 results? It will be provided here, as always.

Update: Courtney Rainville was voted off;

Jessica is safe from elimination

Voting History:

Jessica voted Courtney

Courtney voted Vinny

Vinny voted Courtney

Ramon voted Courtney

2 thoughts on “Biggest Loser October 18, 2011 Results Who got voted off 10/18/11

  1. This show has gone too far! I now call it “The Biggest Cryer!” I cannot even stand to watch it anymore. One comment from the trainer and your whole life changes? C’mon! Now the weight comes off and live is wonderful. People who get that big obviously have deep seeded problems that one “c’mon you can do it” is not going to fix everything! You started off good, but now the show is absolutely ridiculous!

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