Biggest Loser October 19 2010 Results Who got voted off 10/19/10

Biggest Loser October 19, 2010 airs tonight, at 8/7c on NBC. Will there be another chance for some contestants to earn a spot in the game? Are you excited to find out tonight as well as who will be the one to get voted out of Biggest Loser 10/19/10?

Last week, two of the contestants were eliminated. Sophie fell below the red line so she was automatically sent home, while Burgandy was voted out after participating in the challenge, where they faced a temptation and reward challenge. They were presented with cupcakes where one is a reward. The one who one the challenge was Adam, but then he was a target. Luckily he didn’t fell below the line. Will he still be the target tonight?

Five players who lost the initial challenges back during the audition will be brought back to the ranch. But for sure, not all of them will be able to stay in the game. Who among them will be earn a spot on the ranch? What will be the reward challenge for tonight?

As always, updates will be here if you want to know who was eliminated on Biggest Loser 10/19/10 results.

Update: Richard “Rick” Deroque was eliminated, getting a total votes of 4

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