Biggest Loser October 22, 2013 Results Who got voted off 10/22/13

The second episode of The Biggest Loser: Second Chances 2 airs tonight. The challenges continue for the 15 contestants this season. Who will fall below the yellow line or red line if ever there is?

Last week, Craig fell below the red line but he wasn’t eliminated because Jillian saved him. Will someone be saved again tonight?

The pressure is on as the players find out that only one person’s weight for each team will count at this week’s weigh-in. They won’t know who it is at the start, but they will find out only before the weigh-in. A roll of the die will determine who will represent their teams.

Of course, there’s a weigh-in advantage at stake and one group will have it if they win the challenge tonight, in the water-bucket race.

Meanwhile, one of the players will get a not so good health news from Dr. H and another contestant will connect with a very special family member.

We’ll also get to see how the child players from last seasons are doing now.

Anyway, stay tuned for the results tonight. Follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or like us on Facebook while waiting for it. The contestant who got voted off Biggest Loser 10/22/13 will be provided.

Update: Fernanda was eliminated! She’s the first contestant this season to got the boot!


– Dr. H tells Ruben he’s got diabetes, but can be reversed with a lot of hard work.

– Only one contestant’s weight will count for each team

– Challenge involves the contestants being tied together and then run back and forth, roll dice to tell how many buckets of water they could use to fill the tank.

– Challenge winner is blue team



Dolvett’s team – Tanya

Jillian – Fernanda

Bob – Hap



Chelsea – 223lbs (-6, 2.62%)
Holley – 325lbs (-19, 2.99%)
Matt – 325lbs (-8, 2.40%)
Bobby – 328lbs (-10, 2.96%)
Hap – 373lbs (-13, 3.37%)
TOTAL – 1574lbs C(-47, 2.90%)
Craig – 361lbs (-11, 2.96%)
Marie – 235lbs (-5, 2.08%)
Tumi – 305lbs (-8, 2.62%)
Jay – 263lbs (-11, 4.01%)
Fernanda – 236lbs (-2, 0.84%)
TOTAL – 1392lbs (-37, 2.59%)


Jennifer – 246lbs  (-9, 3.53%)
Ruben – 431lbs (-10, 2.27%)
Rachel – 231lbs (-8, 3.35%)
David – 360lbs (-11, 2.96%)
Tanya – 242lbs (-4, 1.63%)
TOTAL – 1510lbs (-42, 2.71%)


ELIMINATED – Fernanda because of the lowest percentage of weight lost and for falling below the red line.

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