Biggest Loser October 29, 2013 Results Who got voted off 10/29/13

An all new episode of The Biggest Loser: Second Chances 2 airs tonight on NBC, right before The Voice. The first ever auction is about to happen tonight. What will be the items that will be up for auction and who will get what?

The contestants will be surprised tonight as they go to the gym when they find that it’s empty. They have to bid for the equipment they can use. Yes, the only equipment they can use is the one they have successfully bid on with “Biggest Loser” bucks in the show’s auction.

With their limited equipment, Bob, Jillian and Dolvett must get creative to make the most of their limited equipment.

Meanwhile, one player will open up and tell her trainer about her difficult childhood. Plus, the contestants will have a very special treat tonight, that is, they can Skype with their loved ones back home.

Again, towards the end of the show, the contestants must weigh-in. Who’s going to fall below the red-line, if ever there is. Who’s going to fall below the yellow line?

By the way, Vinny Hickerson, who is a season 12 fan favorite is the guest tonight.

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Update: No one gets eliminated. Tanya falls below the red line but Dolvett saved her.


– Each team was given 500 bucks. They must bid for gym equipments

– dumbells, kettlebells, jump ropes and rowers ($100) – Blue team

– treadmills ($250) – White team

– boxing equipment ($100) – Red team

– mystery box (large bags of flour and sugar) ($180) – White team. They also got trade voucher they can use to trade baking ingredients for anything else

– White team traded the baking equipment for Red team’s boxing equipment, leaving the team with nothing



Matt – 319 lbs (-6, 1.85%)
Hap – 368 lbs (-5, 1.34%)
Chelsea – 220 lbs (-3, 1.35%)
Holley – 319 lbs (-6, 1.85%)
Bobby – 321 lbs (-7, 2.13%)
BLUE TOTAL – 1547 lbs (-27, 1.72%)


Craig – 357 lbs (-4, 1.11%)
Marie – 229 lbs (-6, 2.55%)
Tumi – 287 lbs (-10, 3.37%)
Jay – 253 lbs (-10, 3.80%)
WHITE TOTAL 1126 lbs (-30, 2.60%)


Jennifer – 242 lbs (-4, 1.63%)
Rachel – 224 lbs (-7, 3.03%)
David – 354 lbs (-6, 1.67%)
Ruben – 428 lbs (-3, 0.70%)
Tanya – 242 lbs (no change)
RED TOTAL – 1490 lbs (-20, 1.32%)


– Tanya falls below the red line but Dolvett saves her.

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