Biggest Loser October 4, 2011 Results Who got voted off 10/4/11

Biggest Loser October 4, 2011 is the NFL week at the ranch. Guess who the guests for this episode of Battle of the Ages are? It’s Clay Matthews, Drew Brees, Tim Tebow, Tony Gonzalez, Shawne MErriman and Erick Dickerson! What will these NFL stars’ roles be? Who among the remaining contestants be the next who¬†gets voted out of Biggest Loser 10/4/11 results?

1The competition gets more fierce tonight. The challenge is a football throwing challenge where the players compete alongside Clay Matthews, Drew Brees and Tony Gonzalez and the weigh-in winner will get a VIP trip for two to the Super Bowl. Another challenge is a calorie-burning competition will be led by the three trainers. Meanwhile, one player gets an injury but that didn’t stop him/her and remains determined while one player struggles emotionally this week.

Tim Tebow, Shawne Merriman and Eric Dickerson on the other hand, will help the contestants with an unforgettable last chance workouts.

Who among the players will win the weigh-in and get the Super Bowl tickets? Who will fall below the yellow line? Find out who it is. Also follow us in twitter for the latest updates by clicking the twitter icon at the upper right corner of this website. The player who was eliminated on Biggest Loser 10/4/11 results will be provided, as always.

Update: Patrick Ferrari was eliminated, getting three votes.

Red team heads to the elimination room.

Voting History:

Vinny – Courtney

Jessica – Patrick

Ramon – Patrick

Courtney – Patrick

Patrick – Courtney

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