Biggest Loser October 5 2010 Results Who got voted off 10/5/10

Biggest Loser October 5, 2010 airing tonight with 15 contestants still remaining. What difficulties await them and will they be able to cope up with the challenge? Who gets eliminated on Biggest Loser 10/5/10?

Last week, two contestants came back from those who didn’t win a spot. They were chose by Bob and Jillian each. Bob picked Aaron while Jillian selected Elizabeth. They joined the ranch where they, together with the others, had their first workout. During the weigh-in, half of them who fell below the yellow line faced another challenge. At the end, Allie was voted off.

Who gets to follow Allie and be kicked off next? Who will be the bottom two players who will fall below the yellow line? Who gets to be sent home? As always, we’ll try to update this post for you to find out who was voted off Biggest Loser 10/5/10 results.

Update: Tina was eliminated, getting 5 votes

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