Biggest Loser September 11, 2014 Premiere Results Who got voted off 9/11/14

After almost a year of waiting, the Biggest Loser is back starting tonight! A new season to watch! However, instead of Tuesday nights, it is now on Thursday nights. Take note of this so you won’t miss it. But if ever, just check this site for the results.

Anyway, this new season includes former athletes – NFL players and Olympic Gold Medalists. Thus, this season is dubbed as Biggest Loser: Glory Days. Get to follow these players’ journey to weight loss.

Meanwhile, we’ll be seeing new trainers starting tonight – Jessie Pavelka and Jennifer Widerstorm. They will be joining veterans Dolvertt Quince and Bob Harper. Who’s going on which team?

Find that out tonight. Follow this blog on Twitter or like on Facebook for updates on the show. The weigh in results and the first contestant who got voted off Biggest Loser’s 9/11/14 pilot episode will be posted.

For the meantime, checkout the list of contestants this season:

1. Jordan Alicandro

2. Rondalee Beardslee

3. Blake Benge

4. Howard “Woody” Carter

5. Toma Dobrosavljevic

6. Zina Garrison

7. Rob Guiry

8. Gina Haddon

9. Lori Harrigan-Mack

10. Vanessa Hayden

11. Sonya Jones

12. Chandra Maple

13. Matthew Miller

14. Scott Mitchell

15. Emmy Lou Munoz

16. Mike Murburg

17. John “JJ” O’Malley

18. Jackie Pierson

19. Andrea Wilamowski

20. Damien Woody




Andrea – 244lbs
Blake – 251lbs
Chandra – 341lbs
Damien – 388lbs
Emmy Lou – 260lbs
Gina – 242lbs
Jackie – 291lbs
JJ – 392lbs
Jordan – 323lbs
Lori – 301lbs
Matthew – 386lbs
Mike – 399lbs
Rob – 483lbs
Rondalee – 280lbs
Scott – 366lbs
Sonya – 283lbs
Toma – 336lbs
Vanessa – 366lbs
Woody – 398lbs
Zina – 263lbs


FIRST CHALLENGE – Players must go uphill in the sand while pushing a ball. Two people who finish last in the first challenge gets eliminated. Those who stay will be allowed to choose their trainers when they reach the top of the hill.


Dolvett’s team (Red) – Scott, Jordan, Blake, Emmy Lou, Rob, Mike

Jen’s team (White) – Rondalee, Toma, Sonya, JJ

Jessie’s team (Blue) – Lori, Gina, Damien, Chandra


Zina and Vanessa were not able to complete the challenge, but got a surprise since Jillian came back.

There were given another chance. Bob will train two people each week.

The biggest loser each week will stay, while the other person goes home.


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