Biggest Loser September 18, 2014 Results Who got voted off 9/18/14

The second episode of the Biggest Loser “Glory Days” airs tonight. The contestants will be having their next set of challenges. Will someone give up? Who will be leaving the ranch?

Last week, Zina got eliminated while Vanessa and Andrea were placed in Comeback Canyon to be trained by Bob. The one with the lowest percentage of weight loss will be eliminated. Who will it be?

The trainers and the contestants are still getting to know each other. The contestants get to reveal more about themselves, except for one player who doesn’t want to tell how she gained her weight.

Meanwhile, the challenge for this week is for the contestants busting through “walls of excuses”, in which they must race through an obstacle course while carrying a punching bag. The winning team gets a prize none of the players want to be without.

Then, Dr, Huizenga will talk to each contestant to let the know of their medical exams results. Someone walks out during this session. Find out who it is tonight.

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Update: Vanessa gets eliminated.

CHALLENGE – players must bust through walls. Winning team gets to use the gym for the week.

Mike sits out for medical reasons and Sonya sit out for the white team.

WINNER – White Team

As the winning team, they get to pick other team to join them. They choice the blue team.



Vanessa – 347 lbs(-5, 1.42%)
Andrea – 224 lbs(-6, 2.61%) – ELIMINATED
Now back to the ranch.
Blake – 227 lbs(-8, 3.40%)
Emmy – 249 lbs(-5, 1.97%)
Mike – 352 lbs(-9, 2.49%)
Jordan – 293 lbs(-8, 2.66%)
Scott – 333 lbs(-10, 2.92%)
Rob – 438 lbs(-12, 2.67%)
RED TOTAL – 1892 lbs(-52, 2.67%)


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