Biggest Loser September 20, 2011 Premiere Results Who got voted off 9/20/11

Biggest Loser season 12 premieres tonight, September 20, 2011. The show that changes the lives of those who are battling with weight return. New trainers will be joining the show. What are the new challenges and who will be the first who will be in the yellow line? Who gets to be the first to get eliminated? Who gets voted out of Biggest Loser 9/20/11 results?

Alison Sweeney returns as host, along with Bob Harper as trainee. Meanwhile, Jillian Michaels won’t be returning. Instead, two new trainers will be joining this season, Anna Kournikova and Dolvet Quince. Kournikova is a well-known tennis player while Quince is a fitness expert with 10 years training experience.

The contestants were grouped into three depending on their age, with 5 members each team. Those in the Red Team are ages 30 and younger, while those in the Black Team are ages 31-49, and Blue Team are ages 50 and older. This is the first time in the history of the show.

The teams will make their first game-changing decision, who their trainer will be, in the order in which they finish the first challenge. The Battle of the Ages begins once each team chooses their trainer.

The contestants for Biggest Loser 12 are:

Blue Team

Rebecca ‘Becky’ Comet, 51, Benton, Arkansas

Mike Danley, 62, Spencerville, Indiana

John ‘Johnny’ Forger, 65, Canton, Massachusetts

Bonnie Griffin, 63, Picayune, Mississippi

Deborah ‘Debbie’ Lounds, 60, Ann Arbor, Michigan


Black Team

Antone Davis 44, Knoxville, Tennessee Black Team

Joe Mitchell, 46, Knoxville, Tennessee

John Rhode, 40, Mesa, Arizona

Jennifer Rumple, 39, Alameda, California

Sunny Sinclair, 41, Frisco, Texas


Red TEam

Patrick Ferrari, 26, Albany, Oregon Red Team

Vincent ‘Vinny’ Hickerson, 27, Nashville, Tennessee

Jessica Limpert, 26, San Francisco, California

Ramon Medeiros, 27, Florence, Colorado

Courtney Rainville, 24, Scottsdale, Arizona

Which contestant will be the first to be sent home? We’ll give updates on who got voted off Biggest Loser 9/20/11 results. It will be provided here.

UpdateDeborah ‘Debbie’ Lounds was eliminated getting a total of 3 votes.

Those who voted off Debbie were Becky, Mike and Bonnie

Those who voted off Bonnie were Johnny and Debbie

3 thoughts on “Biggest Loser September 20, 2011 Premiere Results Who got voted off 9/20/11

  1. Yay! We get to keep Bob! Now lets see what these new trainers can do.
    I wonder what’s up with the Battle of the Ages thing is about? Seems a little unfair.

  2. Why aren’t there more people of color on this show? There are only a few selected and the first to be eliminated/kicked off.

    Yay! There’s an African American trainer.

  3. There aren’t more people of color b/c they watch the show and can clearly see they will be a target.
    If they are good, then they are a threat.
    If they are weak, then they are a liability to the team.
    They can’t win.

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