Biggest Loser September 27, 2011 Results Who got voted off 9/27/11

Biggest Loser September 27, 2011 will have the contestants face another challenge. Aside from that, temptations are placed and it’s up to the contestants whether to give in or not. What is this temptation? Who will be the contestants to fall below the yellow line and who gets voted out of Biggest Loser 9/27/11 results?

The contestants will be in shock as sobering health news are revealed. Dr. Huizenga will meet the contestants and their trainers to deliver the news about their medical conditions. One player gets shocked as he finds out his real inner age. He’s also the sickest person at the ranch. Meanwhile, the gym will only be open three times a day, where each team will only have a two-hour slot daily for work out. The team who will get what slot will be determined via donut temptation.

For the challenge, all teams must use their weight to move a ball through a maze over water. Will the players be able to do this challenge? Who will be leaving tonight? One player will be surprised during the weigh-in as he or she finds out the weight. Find out who it is as well as the one who was eliminated on Biggest Loser 9/27/11 results.

Update: John ‘Johnny’ Forger was eliminated, getting two votes;

The doctor said Ramon’s age is 27 but his inner age is 50. This 23 year jump is the worst on the ranch.

Blue team heads for elimination. Mike, the one who lost the most weight among his teammates, is safe.

Becky voted off Johnny

Johnny voted off Bonnie

Bonnie voted off Johnny


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