Biggest Loser September 28 2010 Who got voted off 9/28/10

Biggest Loser September 28, 2010 is this season 10’s episode 2. The contestants will be facing a new challenge tonight. Who will fall below the yellow line during the weigh in? Who will be eliminated on Biggest Loser 9/28/10?

Last week, one-third of the contestants were eliminated. Three contestants from each among the seven cities across the country battled to win a spot and be included at the ranch. Only two from each city won a spot. But those who were kicked off still have a chance to return in the game, not sure when that episode will be though.

Tonight, the weigh-in will happen during the first half-hour. Who will win the immunity challenge and who will weigh below the yellow line? If you want to find out the results, please do check back this post. This will be updated for who got voted off Biggest Loser 9/28/10 results.

Update: Allie got eliminated, getting 5 votes

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