Britney Hayes Big Brother 12 Interview Video

Hotel Sales Manager Britney Hayes is in Big Brother 12 who, like other contestants, hope to win.  Is she the typical blonde that we know?  Check out her answers from questions asked by fans below.

What made you want to be on Big Brother?

– I wanted to be on Big Brother because I have watched the show since the first season.  I think I was about fourteen years old when my mom and I started to watching it and then even when I went off to college…. we’ve just always been huge fan of the show.  So I wanted to come to the show to experience the side of it and to see what it was like to actually play the game.

Do you hope that the notoriety from the show will get you a modelling gig, an acting career or will you just go back to your life, happy with just experiencing Big Brother?

– Personally for myself I don;t really plan on anything happening after the show.  If any opportunities are given to me, I’ll do with that when the time comes, but my plan right now is to just go back to my daily routines, go back to my life and take this experience with me and just always cherish it.

What gives you the advantage over the other House Guests to help you win at the end?

– I think the advantage that I have over the other House Guests is just my ambition.  I just want it so bad.  I’ve also watched so many seasons of Big Brother that I feel like I have an advantage in that way that I know the game very well.

Besides winning, what’s the one thing you want to accomplish on Big Brother?

– Besides winning? That’s my only true goal.  There are other things that can happen obviously that would be great.  I would love to make some friends.  I would love to come out smelling like a rose and maybe have some other opportunities, but that’s really my only goal.  That’s the only reason that I really, am dying to be on Big Brother.

Britney Hayes Big Brother 12 Interview Video

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