Celebrity Apprentice April 14, 2013 Who was fired 4/14/13

An all new episode of Celebrity Apprentice All Stars airs tonight. Airing from 9pm to 11 pm, the remaining celebrities will be taking on a new task, hoping that their respective teams win the challenge to avoid being at risk of elimination. Who will be this week’s winner and who will be brought to the final boardroom?

There are eight remaining players on tonight’s episode – two are from the Power team while six are from the Plan B team. Since two remain from the Power team, Marilu Henner gets transferred to this team to even out the number of members from each team.

One of the project managers tonight is Gary Busey. Who will be the other one? Could it be Lil Jon again?

Titled “The First Leaf That Hits the Ground”, the task of the teams will be to promote popular Australian Gold products by creating a silent film. A power-usurping teammate will take over the task, overpowering the project manager. Meanwhile, the project manager of the other team will risk everything by going against the advice of a teammate.

Who will be going home next? There are speculations that after Dennis, it;s going to be Stephen to go home tonight. If that is so, the Power team wins the task. How about you? Any predictions?

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Update: Stephen Baldwin was fired tonight!

TASK – make a 45 to 60 second silent film which promotes Australian Gold. The winner of the task will be determined based on brand messaging, creativity and product integration.


Marilu gets transferred to the Power team. Lil John wants her on the team and Mr. Trump agrees though Trace wants Penn.





– Gary wants the theme to be in the 20s.

– Stephen wants to highlight the bronzer since he heard it’s the biggest seller.



– Trace wants old-timey swimsuits transformed into a modern one with Australian Goald.


WINNING TEAM – Power team

FINAL BOARDROOM –  Stephen Baldwin, Gary Busey, Penn Jillette



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