Celebrity Apprentice April 15, 2012 Who was fired 4/15/12

Another switch up will happen on Celebrity Apprentice’s April 15, 2012 episode. There are 8 contestants left but the teams are not even with 3 players on Unanimous team and 5 players on Forte team. Thus, Donald Trump has to switch up the teams again. Who’s going to the Forte team? Which team will win and who will get eliminated on Celebrity Apprentice episode 9?

They say it’s the toughest task ever, where the celebrities design and create two original puppets and perform in front of a live audience for Henson Alternative’s “Stuffed and Unstrung” improv show. Tension arises once again when one outspoken Celebrity struggles to be a team player, and that’s Lisa. On the other team, another Celebrity fights for a role in the task, but is marginalized and has a breakdown. Who could it be? Then what could make Lisa go and have a meltdown?

Titled “Puppet Up!”, Lisa Lampanelli is the project manager of the Forte team while Paul Teutul, Sr. is the project manager of the Unanimous team. Donald Trump teases that Lisa goes back after Dayana like viewers won’t believe. He says the honeymoon is over and there are certain show business people involved. Who’s going to her team?

Clay Aiken goes to the Forte team and he’s not happy about that. He blogs over the NBC site that he thinks Lisa bursts a blood vessel and Dayana is even hotter when she cries. However, there’s a chance that their team wins the task based from his tweet that it’s his favorite episode of the season.

Will the Forte team really win the puppet challenge? Again, updates on the show tonight will be here. While waiting for it, follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or like us on Facebook for updates. Will Lisa and Dayan patch up if they win? Find out which team wins and which celebrity is the next who gets fired or eliminated on Celebrity Apprentice 4/15/12 results. As always, the final boardroom details will be posted.

Update: Paul Teutul, Sr. was fired.

Clay gets selected to be in the Forte team. Dayana likes clay while Lisa likes Aubrey. Donald chose Clay..

Forte project manager – Lisa

Unanimous project manager – Paul

Lisa doesn’t want to give Dayana anything to do. Clay suggested Dayana to be part of the performance but Lisa doesn’t want to. Dayana walked out crying.


Challenge winner – Forte. Lisa won $20,000 for her charity. The Hensons thought the other team’s show was a little safe, the puppets too complex.


Final Boardroom

– Aubrey, Teresa and Paul


Aubrey would fire Paul. She said he’s not that organized.

Paul thinks Aubrey is artistic when asked by Donald Trump what he thinks of her. He tells Donald Trump he wouldn’t fire Aubrey.

Donald Trump feels Paul should have brought Arsenio back at the boardroom instead of Aubrey.

46 thoughts on “Celebrity Apprentice April 15, 2012 Who was fired 4/15/12

  1. I think the audience should be able to vote of the most irritating peron that no one would want to work for. That is LISA. What a jerk!

    • we quit watching becasue Lisa is such a jerk, each week we check to see who got fired, we might watch again after she is gone.

  2. The whole show is scripted with Donald calling all the shots. The show is losing its fun factor. The project manager should get the axe in most cases, and it often doesn’t happen , because Donald, of course has already made up his mind who is getting fired even before the bottom three come back into the board room. Its Donald’s show so you know nothing will change. If the audience decided there would be huge differences in the firings. And it would be much more interesting and fair. No politics, just majority rules.

  3. I agree with both #1 and #2..there should be votes like in american idol and dancing with the stars…where america has the say so in who gets eliminated

    • I couldn’t agree with you more I think she is rude, obnoxious and just blatantly disrespectful, I wish she would get voted off soon as well!!

  4. How can anyone take the sh.t that the bi..hs Aubrey and Lisa dishes out. Both are narcissitic a..h.l.s and worthless losers.

  5. This show has gone downhill with b.t.hes like Aubrey and Lisa. If its between those two in the finals, many will not watch. Then they dish it out but can’t take it in return and resort to crying. Boo hoo. Go f..k yourself Lisa.

  6. Idk if anyone actual knows who.lisa is but s
    Her whole comedy show consist of vulgar and rude rasist.things…. and if u really think about it she is right…. Dianna sucks and she is not that smart!!!…. Lisa should win! or clay or aubry

  7. I love The Apprentice, but this season with the most idiotic person to ever play the game Lisa. She has no talent when it comes to business. She is the most annoying and fake person ever. I don’t know if it’s because The Donald is sleeping with Lisa or maybe she threaten to eat him. He should FIRE her fat ass. She keeps people to the side without giving them a task when she is project manager so she can hold that against them in the board room to get them fired. When she is not the P.M she sucks their ass to stay safe. Last week she was kissing the ass of the P.M and this week she was making her cry again. This week in the board room when she started blubbering she looked like Jabba the Hutt. For those of you who don’t know who Jabba the Hutt is, he is the fat ugly blob from the movie Star Wars. I hope next week she gets fired. It’s not that I had anything against Lisa coming into this. I don’t even know who she is. The way she has carried her self on this show she just spews hate and projects ugliness. I’ve never seen anybody in the history of this show act the way she does. I say Lisa whatever your last name is YOU’RE FIRED! So I hope she is gone next week or I will not watch until she is gone. So hopefully Jabba the Hutt doesn’t eat Donald Trump before the end of the show. In closing I love the show but hate Lisa a.k.a Jabba the Hutt.

    • I honestly never heard of “Lisa” until this season of The Apprentice.

      @ #2….I believe you! This whole show is scripted by “The Donald!”

  8. Lisa=Jabba the Hutt. She is fat load and disgusting. If I had to look at her everyday I would poke my eyes out with forks.

  9. I agree with the post that says Lisa looks like Jabba the Hutt. If you have seen StarWars you will agree. Lisa is a big fat ugly blob of $hit. I would also poke my eyes out with a fork if I had to look at her all day. I would also cut my ears off if I had to listen to her all day long. I hope she doesn’t eat Mr.Trump without him there would be no more celebrity apprentice.

  10. Wow I guess I’m not the only person to think that Lisa looks like Jabba the Hutt. She must really piss people off to have so many negative comments. Maybe Jabba oh I’m sorry Lisa should read these comments and see just how people view her. If anybody else thinks she looks like Jabba the Hutt please post it. I think she has ruined this show by how stupid she acts and how negative she is. Maybe she will be hurt by all the nasty comments left on here about her. I’m sure the people on the show are hurt after all the nasty things she says about them.

  11. I seriously think that Lisa should be voted off. She is a cold hearted lady. She just hates on all the ladies and an insecure lady.

  12. I will no longer watch The Apprentice this season because I can’t stand Lisa Fat fa nelly and Aubrey. They are mean and disgusting!!!

  13. I don’t know who Lisa L. was either until this show. I don’t know what her issue is but she is not building a good name for herself by the way she is behaving on the show. From what I have seen on the show, she has no class and is quite disrespectful. I wouldn’t purchase anything with her name on it. She hasn’t been fired yet so there is still time for her to redeem her reputation. I won’t deny she has talent but the show is portraying her as a disgusting human being aka the villain of the show.

  14. I think Lisa’s the smartest female and most blunt if not the most attractive. Most men would find this unappealing. Clay is most well-mannered, socially acceptable, healthy and a great cooperative competitor. He should win and I think the Donald thinks so too!

  15. I don’t think Trump will get rid of Lisa, she is like Amarosa, annoying as can be, but good television nastiness and we love to see what she will do every week to get someone else kicked off. For those of you who did not see the ROAST of Donald Trump, she was one of the comedians who trashed him. She is as mean spirited as Rosie O’Donnell, but Trump likes Lisa better. Go figure!

  16. after reading several of the comments i go along with the fact that i ALSO CANT STAND LISA I WANT TO SWITCH CHANEELS BC OF HER shes crude rude and tries to make up for her looks with her BIG CRUDE CRITICAL MOUTH no business talent cant believe shes still on the show DONALD, PLEASE FIRE HER!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Lisa and Aubrey are both self-centered and overly egotistical with regard to their contribution to the projects. Both think they, and they alone, are solely responsible for any successes. Lisa has one trait that Aubrey does not have, though: She immediately seeks to initiate an alliance with others and uses it to work against the rest of the team. Unfortunately, I don’t think this will work when she is with Clay and Penn…She and Aubrey teamed early on against both Dyana and the “housewife”–I hope they both last long enough to see Lisa and Aubrey go!

  18. I agree with the person that said the WE the audience should vote to whom gets kicked out. Just like American Idol. To me, its the only fair way. Some of the people that are still there should have gone a long time ago. But Mr Trump will not fire them. WHY?? Is there a setup or something going on behind closed doors?? Who knows!!!!

  19. Lisa is not a good manager and therefore should have been eliminated a long time ago. A manager should lead with knowledge and class. She is a narcistic bulldozer screaming in every task. A good manager gets the best out of each team player. She puts people down. This creature is a disgrace for any leading company. Lisa and Donald’s Trump name should not be put together. Dayana could achive far more and get the right people for any task.

  20. Oh….donald just love this…lisa is a bitch but she’s good tv or perhaps bad for tv but making it for donald coz many talks about her and the show. I agree, if lisa ever make it to the finals and bring in the people fired to work with them i hope they get their revenge and ruin the final task for her…AS IN INSANELY RUIN IT. Oh donald this would be your worst. Finals, Aubrey and Lisa. Oh but it would be great TV. The first. Finals that is ruined in purpose by. The team.

  21. I agree with most,this season is the most annoying, with predictable firings and what not.. and that the audience should vote…However for NBC this would not allow for such “great ,dramatic” television.
    If anyone BUT Lisa or Aubrey wins, I’m on board :o)

  22. Good lord, this comment section is more butthurt than all the Celebrity Apprentice contestant put together.

    People. Relax. For the sake of your families.

    Also, for the record, if you hate someone and the best insult you can come up with is about them being fat or ugly, it probably says more about you than them. Not judging, just saying.


  24. That is crap that Paul got fired. I will no longer watch the show. Get rid of LISA, but she will probably win. Goodbye Donald!

  25. I have to agree with everyone. Lisa needs to go, or a vast majority of viewers will stop watching! I hope Mr. Trump reads all of the viewers’ opinions.

  26. I think Lisa is nothing but a loud mouth crude, rude person.. She is such a back stabbing b*tch that should of been off the show a lonnnggg time ago..
    Aubrey is not any better than Lisa… I just wonder who has their brown nose further up Donald’s a**… Or is it each others?????

  27. Some of you folks are really delusional. Lisa Lampanelli is a comedian and has been for years. Her humor is built on being a bitch. She is funny as hell and Donald Trump has her on here for good television. He knew when hiring her there would be conflicts galore. That’s the reason he did it. Now all you whiny b@*%^es quit watching. How in the hell do you think Donald Trump got rich???? It sure wasn’t from being a nice guy!!!!

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