Celebrity Apprentice April 17, 2011 Who was fired 4/17/11

Celebrity Apprentice April 17, 2011 tonight will be something like a cooking reality show for the challenge this week. Who’s the best cook? Expect some tension again as we find out who gets fired on Celebrity Apprentice 4/17/11 results next.

The title of this episode which is about food is “Raising the Steaks”. The task is to create and present a 20-minute live cooking demonstration for Omaha Steaks. The project managers are Gary Busey and Hope Dworaczyk. One of them doesn’t cook or eat meat while the other one will just unload the lion’s share of the task on a single team member, leaving the team no time to rehearse. Which project manager is a vegetarian and who is to blame for the team with no time for rehearsal?

Later on, accusations fly in a brutal boardroom before we know who’s leaving next. Who do you think it is? Will it be one of the project managers again?

Check back this post for who got fired or eliminated on Celebrity Apprentice April 17, 2011 results.

Update: Gary Busey was fired;

13 thoughts on “Celebrity Apprentice April 17, 2011 Who was fired 4/17/11

  1. I wonder how long did Ne Ne think that she was going to be able to run her mouth like she was doing before she got labeled? Silly woman. I always thought that she may have been a little naive going on the show since the beginning of the season. Now I know. At least Hope sees that Ne Ne is easily offended like I thought when she started attacking people like she was doing.

  2. Star and Nene originally ganged up on everyone. And the rude comments Nene makes to Latoya are embarassing. I was never a LaToya fan, but admire her ability to keep above the low-class fray.

    Gary clearly has brain damage from his accident. It seems rather base of Donald Trump to use him for ratings.

  3. Gary dumb as box of hammers! Wonder he made that far! How does Trump pick these retards! Ne Ne is very ghetto and what is with the deaf chick! I see he picked a playboy model no surprise there since he loves his hot white women. My money is on Lil John! Yeeaaahhhh!!!

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