Celebrity Apprentice April 21, 2013 Who was fired 4/21/13

One of the former players will return tonight on Celebrity Apprentice – All Stars! However, this guy’s not going back to be a contestant. He’ll return as boardroom advisor. Yes, Bret Michaels return as the boardroom advisor with George Ross. Who will they think should win the challenge tonight?

Last week, the All Stars created a silent video promoting Australian Gold products. For this task, the Power team won sending three players from the Plan B team to the final boardroom and being included in the boardroom, Stephen Badlwin was one who got fired. Will the eliminated player tonight be from the Plan B team again?

Titled “Are You My Zulu Dancing Man?”, the remaining players will be tasked to create an interactive travel expo for South Africa tourism. The project managers for this task are Brande Roderick and Penn Jillette. One of the project managers will drop the reign which makes their concept get out of control. Meanwhile, the other team will try to get the task done with a lame teammate. Who’s this lame teammate and who’s concept will get out of control?

Follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or like us on Facebook for updates on Celebrity Apprentice and other reality shows. There are speculations that Brande is the next to leave. Will she be the next player to get fired or eliminated on Celebrity Apprentice 4/21/13? Results will be here, as always.

Update: Brande got fired!

Bret Michaels is back but as a boardroom advisor.

TASK – interactive travel expo for South Africa tourism. Output will be judged on creativity, feedback from travel professionals and overall presentation.

PROJECT MANAGERS – Brande and Penn

THEME – Romance or adventure – both selected adventure.



– Gary talks about his experience in South Africa.

– Penn gets Zulu dancers, Paul Simon’s drummer and a 5 star South African chef



– They plan to get a guy in the shark suit and simulate ziplining by pushing people around in a chair.



– The execs and travel experts think though they felt transported back to South Africa by Penn’s team, they did not offer specific locations for travel information. They also loved that the team included the wine, tea, and spas, and thought the brochure was a really great take away to make people remember the big five experiences. However, they think the exhibit was juvenile.


CHALLENGE WINNER- PLAN B. Penn won $20,000 for his charity

FINAL BOARDROOM – Brande, Trace and Marilu.

FIRED – Brande because she’s the only team member to have a second loss as PM. She should have also brought Lil John back in to the boardroom since he was responsible for picking the losing theme.

Mr. Trump also gave $20,000 to Brande’s charity

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