Celebrity Apprentice April 24, 2011 Who was fired 4/24/11

Celebrity Apprentice April 24, 2011 will be task-filled as the contestants make an advertising campaign. Who get to fell the pressure of the challenge? Which team is going to fail and who gets fired on Celebrity Apprentice 4/24/11 results next in this eight episode this season?

The teams are going to create an ad campaign for the Trump Hotel Collection and they get to feel the pressure to produce for the big boss. Tensions arise between bitter rivals tonight reaching new heights as one project manager finds the creative juices of their team running dry.

A heated boardroom is about to happen as they learn a surprise decision from the judges. John Rich and Star Jones are the project managers tonight. Will one of them be sent home?

Keep posted as we bring you the one who got fired or eliminated on Celebrity Apprentice April 24, 2011 results.

Update: LaToya Jackson was fired; Reason – Mr. Trump he took into account the sense among the women that La Toya was their overall weakest link. He thinks firing her would give the remaining A.S.A.P. members a fairer chance to compete against the guys.

Winning team – Backbone

74 thoughts on “Celebrity Apprentice April 24, 2011 Who was fired 4/24/11

  1. I think NeNe makes the show interesting. Don’t hate on her for being real and not kissing anyone ass because they have more money or famous. @Josh come to Mississippi and make that racist remark. People are not born with hatred, they are taught. So, you must have had some ignorant parents.

  2. Yes, well I never had anything against Trump, I just wish since he’s so rich he would pay my son’s college tuition because he’s a great kid, you know how Oprah’s gives to people since he’s so rich he could use it as a tax write off and I would work it off. My mom did say she wasn’t supporting this show anymore because I guess he suposedly said that he wouldn’t run for President until our current President’s birth certificate showed up, my thing is what does that have to do with anything and why are so many people on here talking about the N word. It’s not about that, it’s about Celebrity Apprentice, I’m tired of Racism showing it’s ugly face. I still watch the show because I like Donald Trump’s hair and how he works. LOL Nene needs to take responsibility because she always blames everything on whoever she argues with, Latoya had the right to feel that she didn’t like her because she has been on her from day one and I’m tired of her attacking my Michael like the way she did about her nose and other things big avatar amazon nene said, my mom calls her nenatar. Latoya was right when she said she just bully’s people with her mouth and her stature and that they were torn from two different cloths. LMBO

  3. There’s nothing real about NeNe on here or in RHOA! Ur giving her way too much credit for keeping it “real”, like that skit on the Chappelle show goes When “Keeping it real goes wrong”









  5. LoL that reminds me, Chappelle also did that skit on LiL John, that was crazy how he did his character on his show and he was right! He is smart, not just a hype man

  6. I think Donald Trump made a terrible business decision firing Latoya. He should have stuck to his own rules and fired the Project Manager! I am done with this season!

  7. Star Jones has controlled each manager. She feels like she is the only smart person on the ladies side. Star should have been fired. LaToya is a very nice lady. Nene and Star need to learn a lot from LaToya.

  8. All Reality shows are SCRIPTED, MR. Trump, much to his credit, loaded this Season of Celebrity Apprentice with people who would Mix It Up. Mr Trump is now winning the TV Ratings hands Down on Sundays!

    NeNe, Star, and Gary Busey just fit the Bill for this Seasons Drama! There is no need to get Racial about things, its just a show that has been Scripted to the last scene.

    Do any of you watch Survivor, The Real Housewives of Jersey, Orange County, New York, or Beverly Hills. Big Brother the Reality Show is coming back this Summer, & Bridezilla…My advice to Mr. Josh is to Watch Them all, NeNe is NOT an aberration…

  9. LaToya was a CHAMP tonite! All the others are triflin’ backstabbin’ broads who ain’t got no class. Go LaToya with PRIDE in a job well done! Anybody who watched the show knows that they dogged you out and it was SO unfair, it hurt ME!

  10. Star Jones was project manager and they lost, she should have been sent home. Their ad was so bad and Star ok’d all of it. LaToya should not have been sent home…the whole show is a preplanned and I’m not watching it any more.

  11. I think Mr Trump kept Gary Busy on wayyyyyyy to long himself ~~I think Mr Trump should review tape once and awhile and he could see some of the nightmares going on between each team~~I love Gary Busey I am an Oklahoman and he originally came from here! But after that suntan deal that he really really destroyed I felt he should have been fired~~I felt Mark McGrafth (sp) got the shaft ~~just sayin!!

  12. Star Jones by all means should have been fired. The entire flow of the task was her idea and it was not liked by the Trump cronies, Jim and James. Just like Marc McGrath came up with the pirate theme and then was fired because it was not liked , Star should have gone bye-bye because of her lame ideas on this last project. Trump is showing favoritism toward certain celebrities and I’m very suprised that he can be so wishy-washy.

  13. I think firing LaToya was very unfair. The firing should have been based on the task, not on the advice of some catty women. BRING LATOYA BACK!
    A disalusioned survivor viewed

  14. I really regret the way LaToya ended up going home last night. It should have been Star!!!!!!!!!!!! Star thinks that she is all that……unfortunately she is highly mistaken. I am sorry that NeNe did not stand up for LaToya. NeNe you should have seen that was coming from Star. Why did you allow yourself to get played???

    Mark McGrath got sent home because of a poor decision. So why wasn’t Star sent home for the same reason?
    I also thought it was poor of D.Trump to ask the celebrities if they would vote for him. Dumb Meat Loaf and brown nose Star, Wow!! What a compromise.

    Then Trump had nerve to say to rest of the group “If you don’t vote for me,you are stupid. The” Donald” has it all wrong………It’s like this…you are stupid if you WASTE your vote on him.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Talk about charity…….what’s $20,000 to a charity when you have billions? For the whole season I think it would be approximately under a half million dollars that he is donating to the different charities. That is chump change coming from Trump.

    Instead of having all the Trump hotels and resorts….build housing and programs to assist the poor and the needy. Sponsor programs that educate and empower people. There are many people who do not wish to be on public assistance, but have no other recourse.
    Donald, you have not worked and sacrificed any harder than average working class. My motto is “live simply, so that others can simply live”. Donald, read Psalm 49.

    LaToya, be proud. Your heart speaks and acts. In the end that is all that matters. You were not raised in a lion’s den. You are a beautiful product of your environment. Your kindness is gift…thanks for embracingand sharing it.

    Word to Miss. Hope, next to God, you know you have not really contributed during this season like you should have…….it is true you help win the task when you were Project manager. But, play back the tapes and they speak for volumes. Donald Jr. attempted to disclose this last evening…….but it was iced over. It was appalling when you tried to minimize LaToya efforts. Shame on you!
    Watch out because they are going to throw you under the bus baby. Trust me on that! Star is in this to win it! She doesn’t care about stepping on your face to get the prize.

    And to Josh, the write in………that “nigger lady” has a name and her name is NeNe. like her or not. delete such negative talk from your vocabulary. Learn some meaningful and wholesome words to express yourself in a much more positive and likeable way.

  15. I’ve said from day one…LaToya has shown grace and held herself in a higher regard from the other ladies. She may not be an “out there” kind of leader. She succeeds quiety and with dignity. Star Jones….she needs a wake up call. That ad she design was what caused the ladies to lose and Trump, if keeping to his pattern, should have fired her. The others ladies did as they were told and if anyone else was to have been fired, it should have been NeNe for arguing with her leader. LaToya, I have great admiration for you. You’re a lady with a heart, compassion and you treat others as you would want to be treated. I believe you are the most intelligent all the ladies because of these traits you share.

  16. Starr is the one that should have been fired…she is an underhanded person and set LaToya up. Starr failed and had someone else take the fall…nice management style…not!

  17. I must admit that I was never a “LaToya” fan, but since she began this stint, I’ve been paying very close attention to her. She is of a tender soul, is not hateful, but rather cares about the small stuff; that’s a measure of a person’s heart. I was sorry to see her go and who winds up the winner here I’ll have to catch on the rebound as I won’t be watching the show no more! Jones got a free pass here after directing traffic behind her computer for all the challenges and she gets to stay? No way. Next Reality Show, please, and I hope it’s a good Bridezillas, like the one where the parents of the 19 year old groom hated the fact that he was marrying a 27 year old divorcee with three kids! Huh, there was no acting there, they hated her plain and simple and so would I under those circumstances.

  18. I say again Mr Trump needs to right things with LaToya and bring her back,if she will come . If this is the kind of decisions Mr Trump would make as pres. I hope he never runs.

  19. If Trump based his decision on “the weakest link” it should have been NENE that went home…..she is a very negative force within the group..a classic shit starter…AND the only one that hasn’t won her challenge as project manager (until Star)

  20. It seems that twinkle, twinkle little “Star” needs to go back under the knife and have that heart of hers fine tuned. Apparently, the first heart surgery didn’t go over very well. Yes, I know that it’s just entertainment. However, her actions on this last show were just as messed up as this comment is.

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