Celebrity Apprentice April 3, 2011 Who was fired 4/3/11

Celebrity Apprentice April 3, 2011 tonight will have the celebrities create their own works of art. Who among them will create the best art piece? Which team will win the challenge? Who gets fired onĀ Celebrity Apprentice 4/3/11 results?

The contestants must create their own works of art and sell them the same night for the most money as possible. A violent confrontation will happen as misunderstanding happens to one team.

Meanwhile, the other team will have nothing to sell as their artwork gets held up in traffic and its minutes before the gallery opening.Ā One team wins making a record-setting money for charity. Will it be the A.S.A.P. team this time?

The project managers are Marlee Matlin for A.S.A.P. and John Rich for Backbone.

With Dionne out, who’s next to be sent home? Who got fired or eliminated on Celebrity Apprentice April 3, 2011? Results to be here soon.

Updates: Richard Hatch was fired for not raising any money. This was the first second time this season that the guy’s team lost.

A.S.A.P. team wins the challenge

Jose Canseco withdrew from the show to be with his father, who was battling cancer.

La Toya Jackson won the “best hat” competition, which earned her $25,000 for her charity. Her hat was dedicated to her brother, Michael.

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  1. Something must have happened between NeNe and Star that wasn’t aired on TV because NeNe kept making snide remarks at her which seemed unnecessary. At the beginning of the season they were like a tag team while plotting against Lisa, etc. I felt so bad for Gary. He got chewed out by Meatball for something that he didn’t even do. Poor Richard didn’t stand a chance in this challenge. It would definitely be harder for a reality star to raise the kind of money that other artists in entertainment can bring in.

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